Biting the Bullet

So I finally broke down today and, after days of lamenting the color of my elf ears, decided to take matters into my own hands and go on an adventure to make things right! There’s a costume store in Norwalk called Happy Daze Costumes that my boyfriend took me to once. I’m not sure what kind of business they do when it’s not Halloween time, but they must do ok for themselves because they have so much! Not only can you get costumes there, but you can rent them and buy all sorts of fun accessories and props.
I went there today to see if I could get the right kind of paint for my ears. Since my ears seem to be darker than I remember (or maybe I’m just lighter) I wanted to get something lighter than is on the ears already.
So I was happy to find that when I walked in the store they had an entire counter full of the paint I needed. And after some comparisons in the mirror against my own skin tone, I picked out what I think will be the perfect grease paint (you need to use grease paint because it will stick to the latex of the elf ears and not destroy them). I also got a little pot of a reddish grease paint to use to tint the ears a blush color at the end to make them look more natural and not all flat.
Next, since my friend Auerion is having trouble finding his ears (no matter how many times I tell him they’re on his head!) I walked over to costume props. Here, they had an entire aisle devoted to furry ears and animal noses and fairy and angel wings and tails, etc. I ended up finding Auerion some brown and black “cat” ears that look very “wolf” like, so I hope he’ll like them.
After going to the costume store, I continued my adventure to the Home Depot that was in Norwalk. Since I always find going to the Bridgeport Home Depot to be a daunting task, it was nice to go to another one. And you can imagine my surprise when I pulled up to the store and found that I had to park… in a parking garage. That’s right. The Norwalk Home Depot has its own two-level parking garage! And you know what? When I walked into the store, I was easily able to find what I needed (a small roll of more aluminum flashing… don’t ask…). So, I think that the Norwalk store must be doing something right!
And then, it was time to adventure home. Hm… not too much interesting there. Just a lot of driving. Though I was humored when I passed by a store in Bridgeport called the CPAP Store. It’s actually a store for medical supplies. But you can imagine that when I looked at the sign, “CPAP” wasn’t the first thing I thought I read…
So, that was my adventure! And if I have to step foot inside of another store before the renaissance faire to pick up any more supplies, I’m going to crack. Seriously. No more armor shopping til June, ok?

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