About the Project

As a cosplayer, I love to take a fantasy character and translate them into reality by turning myself into that person. Then, in character, I like to go to conventions and play the part.

So far this year, I have created a full suit of paladin armor for my Dungeons and Dragons Elf Paladin character, Ari Whisperwind. Made of aluminum flashing and leather, the outfit features a lace-up breastplate, fully articulated pauldrons, knee cops, tassets, and gauntlets, and prosthetic ears crowned with pearl earrings.

My other outfit I completed this year is Saber from Fate/Stay Night. Utilizing a dress I purchased last year, I was able to create her breastplate, tassets, and fully articulated gauntlets out of the same material as the paladin armor. For each set, I also created a cosplay-safe weapon.

Next, I recently completed a full medieval/Lord of the Rings inspired gown to wear as Ari Whisperwind again, though this time representing her as the First Speaker of her household. Based on a McCall’s pattern, the dress was made of periwinkle blue suedecloth and featured princess seams and a train. The dress also included detachable ice blue satin bell sleeves with a white chiffon undersleeve, suspended from lace-up arm cuffs. For this gown, I also created a braided wire headpiece, complete with pearls and a Swarovski crystal, as well as a twisted “Elvish Bag of Holding”–which is featured as a tutorial on my blog.

Next up, I will be attending a cosplay picnic in Saratoga, NY, on August 14th, which is being hosted by the Upstate New York Cosplay Society (unycosplay.com). There, I will be cosplaying as Saber and actually getting some work done *wink*.

Also coming up, I will be sewing a commission gown for Denya–which I look forward to getting creative with!–as well as a new cloak, which will be featured at the New York Renaissance Faire at some point this season. Be sure to stay tuned for more projects!


3 Responses to About the Project

  1. boccobsblog says:

    That is amazing. Where can I learn more about cosplay? I’ve gamed for years, but never been in a group that did cosplay or larping, etc.

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