Good to Know: Copper Shining

Hi, all! So recently, I was made aware that I was chosen to work as a volunteer at the upcoming Connecticut Renaissance Faire. I’m super excited to be participating this year, and I’ll be working the Treasury (box office) selling tickets to all the wonderful faire goers.
I was made aware that for this position one needs to wear a costume and stay “in character” for the day. I’m eager for the challenge, and I even need to go so far as to stay in character whilst eating, which means I’ll be drinking from my mug. Huzzah!

I have two mugs I can pick from: My pretty pewter one, and my equally pretty copper one. However, while the pewter one is easy to clean with dishsoap, the copper one seems to always be a little dingy and I’ve been afraid to drink from it. Since my pewter one would look silly with my bard costume, it’s up to my copper one to get the job done. But how to clean it?

After some research online, I found a really easy recipe for copper shine, which can be made with common household items. I figured I’d pass it alone for anyone out there who could use a good copper shine!

First, you create a paste by mixing equal parts of common kitchen salt, flour, and white vinegar. I used three teaspoons of each to create enough paste to shine my mug.

Using a paper towel, I dabbed it in the paste and began to polish the copper with little circular motions. After doing a portion of the mug, I kept rinsing it in warm water. But I found that it seemed to shine up quicker when I applied it to a dry surface, so I might suggest polishing the whole piece before rinsing it.

I used the paste to polish up the inside and the outside of the mug, gave it a rinse, then dried it off and buffed it up with a dry paper towel. And success! A copper mug that looks as good as a newly minted penny! I can’t wait to combine it with my new Celtic stamped mug strap I bought on Etsy today. ^.^

The mug after giving it its “home remedy” shine. (unfortunately I didn’t take “before” pics showing the dark patina that had built up on it)

Shiny enough to use as a mirror! (you can even tell what color my camera is)


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One Response to Good to Know: Copper Shining

  1. Any chance of putting up a picture of the finished shiny mug?

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