Part 2: Clover


Angelica “Clover” Edwards hails from the dark and mysterious world of Vampire the Masquerade. Described as a platinum blonde, average height, lavender-eyed Catholic school girl, Clover is bright. Very bright. So bright, in fact, that she alienates everyone around her, and she has become the laughing stock of her dorm as a freshman at Denver University in Colorado. Or at least, that’s the way she sees it.

Born and raised in New York City, Clover is the only child of a wealthy family, with a miserly father and a long-suffering mother. She likes being the know-it-all, and she had many girlfriends who flocked to her while she was in high school. But her peers who are more interested in beer pong than studies in college are less-than-impressed.

So, she decides to kill herself.

On Halloween night, Clover allows herself to be dragged out to a bar by her bubbly, busty, Texan roommate, Mindy. She even allows the girl to get her to dress like a “schoolgirl” for the evening, just as a last ditch attempt at fitting in. But still, through the night, Clover has every intention of throwing herself off the top of the nearest convenient building as soon as she can.

Then, to her great misfortune, she’s knocked out in a back alley and, when she wakes up, she’s a vampire.  Really. And I don’t mean the sparkly, super powered, I-can-still-go-out-in-the-sun-and-yet-I-won’t-fry kind. And it’s not even romantic. No bite marks. Not even awake for it. No chance to protest. Just… boom! Fangs and an insatiable hunger for… pretty boys? What?

Clover becomes a member of the Ventrue clan. In Masquerade terms, these are the characters who like to sit back, micromanage, and make trouble for others; all while maintaining a cool and composed, commanding profile. As part of the setback, each Ventrue can only partake in a certain kind of victim’s blood which is specific to themselves. In Clover’s case, she develops an affinity for bishounens. That means that mister pretty, hot, and sexy over there in the corner is looking mighty tasty right about now… Yum.

Clover also finds herself in the company of two other unfortunate victims of the change: Crazy Koln and hyper Ruby. So what does she do? Hug them and have a sob-fest, of course, crying on their shoulders while vowing that they’re all in this together and will triumph with the power of love and friendship on their sides!

No, I’m kidding. Instead, she turns into a total bitch and starts telling her new found “friends” where they can go and how they can get there. They all get to choose weapons for themselves. And what does Clover choose? A whip and a gun. Oh, and did I mention that Ventrues can command their victims with a word? Using some sort of hypnosis, they can command someone to smash their head repeatedly into a wall, if they so choose. And they can wipe memories clean. And use a whole slew of other fun, yet nasty powers over their poor, unfortunate prey. Neat, huh?

Oh yeah, Clover is really easy to get along with.

So, what’s “me” in Clover?

Anyone who’s role played with me in one of these games would probably agree that I channel the spirit of Clover the best. Smart-mouthed, bitchy, and witty to boot, I can sit there at a table, cross my arms, and basically just be… me for a few hours straight. She’s also super fun to cosplay, as she looks the most like me.

But that’s not to say that her personality is exactly mine. I’ll admit that I’m not the easiest person to get along with in real life. I think it takes someone with a strong stomach and a lot of guts to sit in a room with me for a length of time and deal with my pessimistic, snide, and sometimes demanding attitude. But it’s not like I would call Clover and myself perfect twins in the personality department, either. At least I’m respectful and am able to display a bit more tact.

Other than that, Clover’s backstory is almost a direct correlation to my own; with a few exceptions (oh, if only I had loaded parents then I need not face such dire financial crisis right now!). I’m a born and bred New Yorker with a top notch educational background, used to getting good grades with little to no effort. I’m quiet and introverted,  had/have very few friends, am getting to be famously depressed (though I can’t see myself jumping off a building any time soon), and Mindy is also a direct combination of my two “wonderful” freshman year roommates.

As for Clover the vampire, personally, I think that anyone who knows the game can understand why a Ventrue would be one of the more “attractive” clans to play. You look normal (why, you can even look alive!), no deformities, you have all your ducks in a row (mentally), you’re not a brute, and you get to manage all your little underlings who will be happy to head out and do your bidding as you command. Your hands stay clean. Done.

I don’t know about you, but I think that seems like the safest most productive way to spend my unlife.

But Clover’s also a bit of a saucy dish, as evidenced by my choice of her affinity, her weapons, her mannerisms. She likes the bishis, She likes to be a tease. And she likes to dominate them and never give them what they want, while kicking their ass all the way to the bank. The blood bank that is. Mmm… bishi blood. Which isn’t to say that I identify myself as particularly wanton or dominating. Maybe I just get a high from the “what if” scenario.

In all, Clover is fun and refreshing to play: So long as my fellow players don’t take anything she says/I say to heart. Even though I’m actually awful at the game itself (which dice do I roll, again!?) I do enjoy the role playing portion of it. Clover’s my inner angst.

Which brings me to the anti-Clover:



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