Paladin Playlist

Auerion and I were speaking the other night, and we asked ourselves: “What would our character’s life sound like?” We wondered: What would their theme song sound like? What would they hear as they rode into battle? What songs to they sing? What do they dance to? What kind of music surrounds them in their homeland? And what reminds them of home? What do they hear while they worship? What do they hear when they mourn? And any other number of sounds and songs they might encounter in their lives.

Lately, I’ve been posting a few YouTube videos up on my blog of music which I like to listen to, and music which reminds me of Ari. So I thought it might be nice to continue the trend and post up the playlist of Ari’s life. No doubt the playlist will grow as I come across new songs. And I promise to not just pull from Tolkien and call it “done”!

So here’s my playlist thus far, along with what I would rename the song to suit Ari (and maybe even an explanation for why I picked the song). Realize that some of it is merely interpretive to help convey a mood, and might not actually be music of the Elvish variety (for example, I’m pretty sure that Elves don’t have access to synthesizers). And it should probably just be pretended that the music is in Elvish, not English (or Irish, since I’m considering that, too). In any case, enjoy!

Land of the Elves

Running Down Evil

Elvish Market

Temple Prayer

Selene’s Festival



Nobles at Play

Farewell to Nightpanther

Dawn After Battle (Marching Out)

Ari’s Weakness


4 Responses to Paladin Playlist

  1. auerion says:

    Pour sugar on you? …Like coffee? hmm… would I get an an energy rush if I ate an elf? Well if you say so, *pours a sack of sugar on her* there ya go. No need to thank me Ari. Er, you look upset. If you think I stole the sugar you’re wrong, I just sorta “found” it with Night Panther’s help. When she’s conscious again I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to help clean you up ^^ Er what’s that? Why yes, I did have a sack of sugar this whole time, so? I was saving it for Moldygrawr, part of my cunning plan to give that big mouth of his a cavity or too.

  2. POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME!! Actually sounds like it would be a kinky song for Ari;-)

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