Holding a Tune

You blow into one of the 13 airways to hear the pitch.

Under the threat of a tornado watch today, I’ve begun to restring my lyre bit-by-bit. The zither pins came in yesterday, and I immediately noticed a difference between them and the lyre’s original, Pakistani pins. The new ones are made from a markedly shinier, tougher metal, and they have finer threads than the old ones (which might has well be screws). That said, it takes a long time to screw the new ones in, but I’m immediately noticing a tighter, more secure fit, and the strings can now hold a tune. I won’t do the final tuning of the lyre until I’ve changed out all of the pins, since the strings need to relax for a day or so before I can do that. I also still need to get a new tuning pipe so I can actually tune this thing. Back when I was in band and had to tune things like timpani drums, I used to have a really handy wheel tuning pipe to find the tune. Of course, I can no longer find that all these years later. I’m thinking of seeing if I can track down a battery operated instrument to help me tune, since it would be easier to use while I use both hands to actually tune the lyre (timpani are tuned with your foot).

Three pins are installed, seven to go! ^.^

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One Response to Holding a Tune

  1. Avoree says:

    I know this is lightyears too late, but they have programs on the worlds of the interwebs where you can get a tuner. Usually free,

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