Ask a Paladin

Mára aurë, friend. Here, you can always feel free to ask me questions. I would be more than happy to bestow upon you my paladin wisdom: Born of my 112 years of life. No question is too big or too small. Too strange or too simple. And while you may not always like the answers, you will get them.”


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  1. Emma says:

    okies so on your medieval elf look based on McCall’s 4107 did you have to adjust the bodice pattern at all?

    • paladinari says:

      Actually, I didn’t. The bodice was made to the specifications of the pattern. The only difference is that at the end, I top stitched along the bottom to affix the “skirt” part of the bodice, which extends down from the bodice itself. The skirt part was a simple rectangle of fabric which I finished off before sewing it to the bodice. I pieced it under the bodice with pins using a simple pleating pattern before sewing it on.

  2. Avoree says:

    Time has kept us far apart. Our two worlds are very different. Yours on the firm lands and mine in the soft and gentle seas. You swear to vanquish evils, and swear that demons are part of those evils. How is it that you and I stay friends if I am considered one of those… demons?

    • paladinari says:

      “That is a delicate question with a difficult answer, friend. Friend? Yes. I meant to say that. Not only because it is my manner of speech, but also because it is the manner of my heart.
      Yes, demons, I’m told, and I’ve learned, are unnatural and inherently evil. But then, this world is comprised of both evil and good, side by side. It cannot be balanced, but constantly fluctuates–constantly changes–like the tides; which I’m sure you know much of. And though we may build a barrier, the sea finds a way to the land. And though we may build a dam, the river finds its way to the sea. And on and on. Ever changing the depth of the ocean, even if only by a few hairsbreadths.
      As such, we cannot vanquish all evil in this world. And though we may extinguish the candle of one demon, the flame of another will surely spring up again in due time. This is not to say that the effort is fruitless or meaningless. But though we fight the dark, we must also accept its existence and its purpose in the divine balance of this world.
      So you ask, Avoree, why I have not slain you, though I am sworn to do so? Well, I answer you with another question. Does the shepherd slay the shying wolf while the raging bear ravishes his flock? I say, friend, there are worse evils in this world than a young demoness–and a pretty one, at that–whose only fault seems to be the questioning of her right to her own existence. You are a demon, aye. Evil by nature, yes. But worth slaying? No, friend, I think it would be a waste of a paladin’s effort and a loss of an excellent songstress.”

  3. auerion says:

    Hello Ari! So it’s been getting colder, and a few weeks ago my village… uhm if it was still around… would have celebrated the Feast of the Final Bounty. All of the village chips in to harvest and hunt before both the roots and animals retreat back into the mother soil for the winter. It is during this time that children would learn the basics to hunting, foraging, and farming… I have fond memories to competing with the other children in who could catch the most fish or hunt the fattest bird… Oh right, my question! Uhm, tell me about your elven holidays!

    • paladinari says:

      “It’s nice to hear from you, friend. It seems like it’s been so long!
      Now, you want to know about Elven holidays? Well, we don’t have many, I’m afraid. Or at least, not many major ones. When you are in this world for so long and see so many winters pass by, I’m afraid, celebrating too many holidays in a year can be tedious. So, ’tis better to only focus on a few major, important ones which will be more meaningful than what would feel like living an endless festival!
      Elves, like many peoples, I suppose, have holidays which would seem to be of most significance to them. Mostly, we celebrate nature and her gifts, very much like you and your people celebrating the Final Bounty.
      All Elves–Moon, Gold, Wood and otherwise–celebrate what we call Coirë Sai, which is literally, in the common tongue, the Spring Fire. It is a three day long festival which welcomes the Spring each year, however it is celebrated at different times, depending on the region one lives in. Traditionally, when a village or city sees the first blossom of the year, the whole population goes into a week long frenzy of preparation, and then celebrates the beginning of the season with a three day festival to help welcome life back to the world. There is much food and drink, and everyone celebrates with music and dance and merriment which, I suppose to one outside of the culture, would seem like a wild abandonment of sensibility. However, we love to show the world how happy we are she is waking up again!
      A holiday which is closer to home for me as a Moon Elf is called Lómë Lindë, or, literally, Night Song. As one who worships the Goddess, I feel most at peace at night when the moon is smiling down at me. And in fact, if you’ve noticed, I become very irritable and lethargic when Selene goes into her dark stage. So you can imagine the collective unconscious of an entire nation who is accustomed to their Lady shining down on them on the shortest night of the year, in summer.
      Lómë Lindë is not so much a celebration, but a plea and prayer for Selene to stay longer in our night sky. And in fact, it’s a night filled with music–the song of the instrument and the voice, and the step of the dance–to help convince our Goddess to make the nights longer. It is said that if Selene is not properly amused and appeased on that night, she will continue to make the nights shorter and shorter until there is only sun! Or at least that is what we tell the young ones, until they learn that the tides will switch and lengthen once more. However, it can’t hurt for them to learn to take notice of and joy in their Mother.
      But enough about our holidays, friend. What about you? Can you tell me more about your other celebrations? I’m certain that a people so attuned to nature might have similar reasons to celebrate Her as the Elves.”

  4. auerion says:

    Hi Ari! Uhm… I got a question….
    ‘HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOOVVEEE??!!…. he’s my best friend best of all best friends…’
    *ahem* I’m sorry… not sure where that came from… anyway, my question Ari is really have you ever been in love? If so, did it make you question your choice to be a paladin of Selene? And if not… uhm Night Panther still needs a mate! Er.. that is when she’s no longer unconscious.

    • paladinari says:

      *Ari smiles warmly, albeit a tad mischievously*, “Why, I have many loves, my friend. I love my family and my paladin brothers and my priestess sisters. And I love Selene above all.
      Though, I concede that I understand you were asking if I had ever loved someone romantically, Auerion. And while I am a woman like any other, and I have cast my glance at an elf lord or two in my lifetime, to give into romantic desire and to declare my love for another, unfortunately, would undermine the pact of love I have made with my Goddess.
      And, to head you off at the pass, my friend, before you ask the obvious question which I see brewing on your tongue: I have given my whole faith to Selene. To divide my heart between my Goddess and another being–for something as insurmountable, and far-reaching as ‘love’–would be a grave show of disrespect to Selene, unless she bade me otherwise.”

  5. auerion says:

    Hi Ari! Uhm.. who was your new friend? The man with the pointy teeth? I would not trust him. He smelled.. well he did not really have much of a smell at all! If I didn’t know better, he was the walking dead! Hmm…

    Anyway, it’s time to hunt! I’ll let you use my bow Ari, and even show you how to angle your shots to inflict less damage to the fur and less pain to the animal.

    • paladinari says:

      *Wryly* “Well yes, I suppose you could call him the walking dead…
      But as for your offer, my friend, I’m afraid I must decline. First of all, I’m a terrible shot with a bow! After all: If paladin’s were any good at shooting ranged weapons, we would have added some to our arsenal ages ago! However second of all, I have no intention of hunting ever again. I find it cruel, and as I don’t eat meat, I see it as a tremendous waste of a forest friend. Forgive me, Auerion.”

  6. Father Koln says:

    The 4th wall is nothing but a curtain- a mere doily between realities! Oui I, Father Koln, come with a question! We are kindred spirits, although you’re a terrible heretic and blasphemer but it is okay, I don’t judge. Anyway, we are both a tad ‘zealous’ with our respective religions and I wonder how do you find it in yourself to tolerate the heretical ideas and actions of others.

    Oh, and mon ami Socrates wants to know if you have any cheese.

    • paladinari says:

      *Ari looks at the man in astonishment and has a rare instance of speechlessness. She shakes her head, as though trying to clear it, then begins, hesitantly*, “Eh… hello… ‘father’. I… ‘what’?”
      *thinks through what Koln just said. you can see her mouthing the words he spoke, only to stumble across a few*, “Ok. I am not certain what some of those words… mean. Oui? Socrates? Doily? However… I did understand the part where you called me a… heretic and blasphemer. And me? Zealous?” *looks down at sword*, “Ah… Well, I suppose the truth is in the eye of the beholder. For example, when I look at you, I see a man whose mother had a run-in with a… carnal creature of sorts. Really, sir, how did you come by those fangs? And do you make a habit of meeting strangers at night?”
      *looks up towards the night sky, as though suddenly suspicious*
      “Ah well, I’ll answer your question nonetheless. It is, after all, part of the job of a paladin to educate the ignorant. And I suppose that is part of my answer as well. Heniach nin?
      Paladins operate on the principal that we are all valued in the god’s, or goddess’s eye. It is just that some are more valued for one reason over others. To Selene, my goddess, I am a paladin–sworn to her service to help mete out justice to those who would harm the innocent. Of course, I have spent most of my years in the Elven Lands where I was protecting M’lady’s devout followers. However, upon leaving the Lands, it is not as though I simply give up caring. Because we are all children of the gods. I would just as soon lay down my life for a follower of M’lady’s sister, Pelora, as I would any other. Because, first and foremost, a paladin must protect those who cannot protect themselves. It is our holy calling, and our most precious honor.
      However, I will never say that one god is better to worship than another. Of course not! I needn’t say that. The sheer numbers speak for themselves. Case-in-point, there are more followers of the good and rightful gods–such as Alerion, Selene, Vacuna, and Pelora–than those who are rather graceless and feed upon the negative emotions of their followers and spread pestilence–such as Kalivatis. And clearly, so many people cannot be wrong. So it is important to weed out those who are incorrect in their following.”
      *Ari smiles and is met by suspicious and horrified faces around her*, “Oh come now! I am very tolerant of those around me. It’s just that some are right… and some are… wrong.” *she nods resolutely, almost as though trying to fight to convince herself of the logic*
      “And… when you don’t agree with some people… You…” *flusters*, “Oh, for the sake of the gods! I’m a paladin! They don’t pay me to think. They point, I go. It is a very simple formula! And you! Man with the fangs. Identify yourself as a natural being of this world or I will be forced to smite you!”
      *points sword imposingly at Koln*

      • Father Koln says:

        Oh? *Koln looks at the sword and smiles, his fangs fully revealed to her* Well I am but a simple human priest. I do only good workds… and kick ass for the Lord.

        I am sorry to hear you are not paid to think… but that hardly seems to be your strength, threatening someone such as me with such a quaint weapon. *Koln smirks, poking the tip of the sword, not minding as it draws a little blood. He looks at his fingertip for a moment before taking it into his mouth and suckling the blood from it*

        You speak heresy… and mon Dieu! Your ears! *Koln suddenly leaps back in alarm, pointing a shaky startled hand at her head* You have pointy ears! Were they there the whole time?! What manner of foul diabolism is this?!

        *In an instand Koln produces his shotgun, pointing it at Ari*
        Alright you Primitive Screwhead, listen up! You see this? This… is my boomstick! The twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington. S-Mart’s top of the line. You can find this in the sporting goods department. That’s right, this sweet baby was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Retails for about a hundred and nine, ninety five. It’s got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger. That’s right. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart. You got that imp?!

      • paladinari says:

        *Ari tilts her head cutely, suddenly sensing that her foe is not evil as she originally thought, but rather an undead scourge in this world. She recoils, sensing the death in front of her, then raises her hand*, “Begone, undead cur!” *Turns Undead*

      • Father Koln says:

        *Koln tilts his head to the side in confusion, wondering why she has her hand out like that* You want a high-five…?

        *soon it becomes apparent what she did as he suddenly feels compelled to run as fast as he can away from her, while screaming, “A FOUL FOUL CURSE BY THE DEVIL! I WILL BE BACK AND RETURN YOUR POINTY EARS AND SHINY ARMOR BACK TO HELL!! MAKING ME RUN INSTEAD OF FACING ME, YOU COWARDLY DEMON!!!!*

        *Father Koln disappears into the horizon…*

        *Socrates looks up at Ari, sizing her up for a moment, then scampers after Koln*

  7. auerion says:

    So Ari… you’re really old, much older than me and Denya! Er, I mean that in a good way, you’re an elf! So… you must know a lot of stories and tales of legendary animals and people, much more than me. So what’s your favorite elven story?

    • paladinari says:

      *Ari raises her eyebrows at the mention of her being old. She smiles sportingly*, “Me? Old? Auerion, by the standards of elves, I’m younger than Denya!”
      *Laughs*, “In any case, that is a good question. Hm… my favorite elven story? There are so many! My people seem to have a knack for story telling, and so many hundreds, if not thousands, have been passed down through the ages. How can I possibly pick a favorite?”
      *Thinks*, “Well, here’s one. Perhaps I’m just drawn to it for its theme: Courage and honor.
      Long ago, there was a warrior who was also a king, and his name was A’rith Skystorm. He was a good ruler and was greatly loved by his people. And he was known throughout the land for being brave and just. He cared for his people very much, and he was always the first onto the battlefield and the last off, making sure that every man was returned home safely. However, A’rith had what some would consider a problem. He had inherited the throne from his father: A great elf lord. And none too many years before, his father had married a human woman out of love. But he died suddenly, leaving A’rith–a half-elf by birth, an his father’s only son–heir to the throne.
      Despite what would be a short life, A’rith lived it fully. He did not fear death, which too often seemed to loom over his head. And while his councilors pleaded with him to guard himself–to stay within the palace and allow his full-elf legions to go out and do his bidding–he steadfastly refused. Because although A’rith knew the risks, he could not help loving those who had allotted him so much love and faith.
      A’rith’s life was short, and he grew old and gray while those around him stayed very much the same. Yet still, he was determined to lead his troops into battle and inspire their courage with his own. He was spoken of throughout the kingdom as one who must be so brave, to not fear the grave and his end. For elves, Auerion, have different thoughts on death than other mortals. We live and endure while men and women around us perish. And we cannot help but wonder why humans spend so much time trying to avoid the grave while we ourselves will gladly go to it when our time arrives. For we cannot dream but in death, and we all wish for the bliss of eternal slumber.
      Perhaps it was his being raised around elves which led to his steadfast demeanor towards death. Or perhaps he only wished to do the most with his life while he had it and give to those who afforded him so much. But A’rith continued to be a warrior and a king up until the day the skies called him forth to his end. Wounded in battle, he lay dying before so many who had called him king and comrade–who had never shaken their heads at him to say that he was a fool to throw his life away so blindly. As they understood him and as he understood them, he died after a mere twenty-five years in this world.
      But the reward was great. He lived for a thousand years. Ballads spoke of his selflessness, and his name was not a whisper, but a yelled tribute to the love he had held for his people. So much did he love, and so much did he honor them, that he was happy to have been able to give himself to them in the way he did. Even if he only lived for twenty-five years. Even if he was only a half elf. For he lived. He lived on in the hearts of those who would carry his name into time. And to their children, those who bore his memory passed on the story so that we, too, can remember and exhalt him. A’rith Skystorm. He who will never die.”
      *Ari pauses in reminiscence, then notices the weird looks from the people around her*, “Eh… yes. Elves normally get that look from humans when they tell his story. Even lupines, I suppose. But even dwarves can relate, I think. Elves and dwarves and those who live long enough to not merely accept their mortality but to question it typically have stories such as this to remind us that it is not about the life we live. But about how we choose to live it. It is better to live a good life, even if short, and to live on in the memories of those who survive us than to live a long life and do nothing with it at all. Those, my friend, are the ones whose memories turn to dust.”

  8. Griswold says:

    I hear you’re gonna try to teach Denya how to speak Elven. How long does it usually take to learn? Ev’rytime I ever here it it always sounds like fancy gibberish! Nope, I can’t even make a single word out! I do however know a few greetings thanks to my brother at the Temple of Pelora in Shadowsgate. He was kind enough to write some down on a slip of paper for me.

    • paladinari says:

      *Ari sets Griswold with a dry look*, “Oh, fancy gibberish? That’s not surprising. Dôl lost lîn.” *shakes head*
      “Well despite how you hear elvish, it’s actually a beautiful and complicated language which has evolved and been perfected over the ages by those who would wish to preserve not only our culture but also the knowledge of the world. I cannot imagine that a dwarf–with a language so akin to guttural slur–could possibly appreciate such a masterpiece of spoken word!
      Anyway it will probably take a while to teach Denya, though there’s a big difference between having a passing familiarity with a language and being able to speak it fluently. It is like the difference to listening to Alnir and myself speaking in common: I’ve taken the time to learn to speak it fluently while my good cousin has a cursory understanding of the language yet can still carry on a conversation. It took me half a century and a lifetime of practice to get where I am today with common, but I don’t think that Denya has that much time to grasp it. I’ll certainly do my best to teach her, of course. But no one could expect to learn instantly overnight that which has taken so many years to be contrived.
      Now, your brother gave you a list of elvish greetings? *takes paper from Griswold’s hand and begins to read. Quirks an eyebrow*, “Eh… oh yes. these are the very epitome of proper phrases to say to an elf when you first meet them. I’m especially tickled by the third phrase, requesting that an elf do something very unseemly with a tree… In any case, master dwarf, if you want to keep your head where it sits on your shoulders, why don’t you just leave the talking to me. Heniach nin?”

  9. Griswold says:


    I heard when I was just a wee dwarf that elves love to hug trees. Seeing how elves live so close to the forest and apparently have some of the strongest alcohol in the land I can see how this might be true.

    • paladinari says:

      *Ari gives Griswold an “are you kidding?” type look*, “No, my friend. That is a gross misconception about elves. Tree hugging, you say? That would be like saying–oh, I don’t know–that all lupines chase their tails. Or there are no dwarven women. Or all humans destroy nature. Or… oh, never mind. But still, no, we are most certainly not all tree huggers! I mean, of course we all revere nature and try to leave as little a footprint in this world as possible. But hugging trees? Why would we want to wrap our arms around something so hard and possibly soil our fine clothes? It is much better to listen to the voices of the trees. We don’t need to hug them to do that…”

  10. ranger’s very often have companions as they are children of the forest or the earth. You have your loving Hawk, when did you meet her/him and what is the significance of her/him staying with you.? Is it typical for an elf and/or a paladin to have a hawk or similar such companion?

    • paladinari says:

      “Ah, that is a good question. I do not think that you are afforded the chance to see Niobe very much. And normally, it is only during times I am calling her to scout for us, so I’m sure that it is fleeting.
      Niobe is a small, female falcon who is a part of a long line of falcons which have been bred by my family for war purposes. Agile, fast, and strong, these birds are perfect for relaying messages between captains over long distances, and they are cunning survivors who can fend for themselves and make intelligent decisions.
      The falcons bred by my family are far from pets, however. They come and go as they please but always tend to come back to our estate to nest and breed. And when they are needed, they can be called in over long distances by some ancient magic I am not aware of. It is a mystery to me and known only to the falconers.
      Nevertheless, Niobe became my companion about ten years ago. It is not normal for a paladin to have an animal companion, save for their horse. But Niobe began to follow me. As I was leaving the estate, I noticed her trailing behind my footfalls, sometimes darting this way and sometimes that. I thought this was adorable and that she would return to the estate when it pleased her–she was such a young falcon then, and so curious!–so it did not concern me. After three weeks of her companionship, however, and over a hundred miles from home, I realized that she would not leave my side. Despite this, I do not ask her to stay by my side, and she is not bound to follow any request I give her. She is simply my shadow and the one who follows me from place to place. Sometimes I wonder if my grandmother had some hand in this, as Niobe seems to disappear for days at a time sometimes. I wonder if she reports home that I am well?
      Unfortunately, Niobe is growing old and I am becoming aware that she does not fly as well as she used to. But she is happy to serve me just as I will be honored to mourn her and thank her for her service when her time in this world comes to an end. Generations ago, Niobe’s ancestors served my own father in battle. So I will be sad to say goodbye.”

  11. Ari you’ve talked a lot about what your armor will likely look like. I’d like to know where did you get your armor, what is the significance of the fewer pieces of armor than general field plate and what’s the significance of the blue band on the chest plate in your image?

    • paladinari says:

      “When you talk about armor, I assume that you are referring to the metal pieces I wear? Ah.
      I was always weaker than the male paladins in the order. I’m a small elf woman, and though I have honed my stamina through years of training, it cannot make up for the fact that I am slow if I come bogged down with equipment.
      Keeping this in mind, when I sat down with the master armor smith upon the completion of my training to design my armor, we decided on leather and steel, which is very efficient in the right combination and preparation.
      The metal armor pieces I wear provide for the greatest range of movement in their design. While they are all made out of specially hardened steel, they are light and shaped for movement. And they only cover the essential areas of myself–such as my knees, upper legs, my upper torso, and my shoulders.
      To fill in the areas not covered by metal, I wear specially prepared leather pieces which are unusually strong against attack–including my boots, my pants, and a corset. Again, this provides for maximum mobility while still being protective. Also, in the colder months I wear a long-sleeved shirt of the same material. But it is so nice out right now!
      But often, like to walk around with my arms bare. The sun is pleasant and warming on my skin, and the lack of protection is a small price to pay for comfort while traveling. And with my breastplate designed the way it is for modesty as well as… a more personal reason, I feel completely confident and protected.
      Now if only my armor was easier to get into in the morning… That is one design feature I wish the master smith could have incorporated…
      Oh! And the blue band. It helps to represent the colors of my house: Blue and silver.”

  12. auerion says:

    As a paladin I know you’re very brave, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you answer ‘never,’ when I ask ‘Have you ever been so afraid for your life you momentarily lost your senses? If so, what did you do?”

    • paladinari says:

      “No, that’s an excellent question. In this profession, a paladin or a knight or a warrior or any person of valor is constantly in danger of meeting their mortal end. But the term ‘bravery’ is interpreted differently by everyone. And thus, everyone takes repeated attempts on their lives in a different way, sometimes in what you would consider ‘fear’, and other times in what you would call ‘courage’.
      To me, they are one in the same. A wise man once stated that courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear–not absence of fear. It is the foolish man, therefore, who does not accept that which he fears and only runs from it–not acts on it.
      In response to your question, no, I do not fear for my own life. Though I will fight my very hardest to maintain it, I will neither fear death, nor welcome it, when I am finally confronted with the eternal slumber. In my profession, one must only accept that which they cannot change and do all they can with the time they are given to make sure that they protect the lives of others.
      As for fear itself, I have felt it many times, and again it is the foolish man who strives for full bravery! Fear is powerful and informative and life-changing all at once, and the strong man will not allow that fear to paralyze him, but to teach him.”

  13. So in response to your question to me, what is your morning routine like exactly?

    • paladinari says:

      “Since I don’t really ‘sleep’, I always try and make a point of making myself alert before the dawn, just in time to see the Silver Lady setting on the horizon. Even if I don’t manage this, my first act upon awaking is always to pray to Selene and beg her for guidance, wisdom, and strength for whatever I will encounter during the day.
      After that, I wash up. If I am traveling, this would be in some sort of natural water, such as a stream or river or lake. Or if I am in a Temple or tavern, I use whatever bath is available. Once I’m clean, I then take my time checking my armor, making repairs as necessary and possible, and putting it on–which can be a chore in and of itself!
      Finally, after all of my preparations are made for the day, I rebraid my hair–if I unbraided it for some reason the night beforehand–and set myself down to breakfast.”

  14. auerion says:

    So Ari… if you faced off against Gris in a drinking contest do you think you’ll win? I mean you are an elf, but I think he’d kick your butt!

    • paladinari says:

      *Ari sighs, then gives a little shrug of consent*, “Honestly? Well, assuming I could get past the smell and taste of the alcohol–which I’ve never had a nose for, and if it tastes as terrible as it smells then I’m a bit surprised Dwarven tongues the world over haven’t burned out of their mouths in protest yet!–and assuming I would transgress on my vows to not inhibit my mind and actions through something so reckless as drinking–a priestess and a paladin must always be in control of herself, after all!–then… no. No, I don’t think I’d win.
      Even if I wouldn’t get drunk on the liquid, I would most definitely lose. Griswald forgive me! But my little elven stomach must be a quarter the size of his. I think I would be lucky to get past the first few mugs before being too full. And I’ve heard that beer is hearty. Like bread! Even I–who love bread and sweet things and sugary delights more than anyone I know–have my limits on how much I can put into me. Alas. So many desserts go uneaten that way…”

  15. So I read your reply to Auerion about hunting…I thought you were an only child and that that was part of why (aside from your strong personality) your father choose you to be the next speaker of your house? If this is not so who are your brothers and do they still live?

    • paladinari says:

      “Yes, I was an only child. Had my father and mother produced another child before me, then he or she would have been first in line for the speaker of the house. But alas, they only had a very fleeting time together as a married couple before they passed away, and I was their only survivor.
      But when I said brothers, I meant my fellow paladins who happened to be male. With Selene as our mother, I actually had many, many sisters as a child! While I was a priestess, I was surrounded by loving women. And then, when I became a paladin, there were a few women and even more men. So I had many brothers, as well.
      But no, I had no biological siblings. Only my cousins who were of relative age to myself. But that’s all right. Truval and Almir are brothers enough for any young lady.”

  16. Ari,
    As your biggest (not tallest) fan and as a fellow servant of the gods, I must ask. What made you want to worship and serve Selene?

    • paladinari says:

      *Ari cocks her head to one side*, “You’re a fan of mine? Um… all right, then.
      Okay, but on to your question. Selene is the mother of my people–the Moon Elves–and so we all pay homage to her in some respect. But why I was drawn into her service is something entirely different.
      When I lost my parents, I left home to become a holy priestess of the Temple. My thought was to unburden my grandparents–who were caring for me–and to be able to serve Selene’s children spiritually.
      You could say that I became… very involved in my role as a priestess. It was hard work, but very rewarding and I lived to see the look of thanks on the faces of the people I helped. And I was very loved by my fellow sisters, which was something that I craved, having lost my mother.
      When I was 50, however, I ceased to be a priestess and became one of the holy paladins sworn to protect the children of our Lady. And here I stand before you today.”
      *shy smirk*, “And no, certainly not ‘tallest’, Master Dwarf. But when you manage to rise to the occasion, even you are a valuable ally in our party. Now if only you would stop drinking…? You don’t suppose beer stunts your growth, do you? Perhaps Dwarves should have given it up years ago!”

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