Another Day, Another Braid

I’ve been playing around with braiding my hair lately. This isn’t so odd, since I’ve been braiding my hair since I was really young. But I’ve been trying to do different types of braids to get myself ready for upcoming costume fun, since both Ari and Denya seem to wear braids.
Yesterday, I played around with putting my hair into a four strand braid. This entails splitting the hair into four equal sections and then weaving it together. Keeping in mind that I did this on myself and couldn’t see the braid in order to do it, I think I did a pretty good job. And since the braid ended up fairly long, I was able to see the end result of a four strand: The whole thing spirals, kind of like DNA (apparently this is because it’s with an equal number of strands). Regardless, it looked pretty nice and I even wore it out, despite the fact that it was twisted so it looked like I messed up. Here’s what a four-strand braid looks like. I wish I had hair this long! But my hair’s so thin and breaks easily, and I’m already distressing it enough by braiding it constantly…

Today I tried a herringbone braid. Unlike the four-strand, this is only made with two (sort of; I mean technically it’s make with three…). This is the first time I’ve ever tried this and have always wondered how to do it. And again, considering I did it without being able to see it, I think that I came out pretty good (though it makes my hair look even thinner than before!).

I know I can also do three-strand braids on myself and even french braids. What I really wish I could do is a crown braid. But it would come out looking like an awful mess…

Hopefully at some point Denya can come over and we can do a test run with her hair to see how the letter opener is going to work with keeping a braid up. See her page for the pic ^.^

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11 Responses to Another Day, Another Braid

  1. What are you doing sunday? I was thinking maybe we could have a fun armor/costume/braiding fest of doom.

    • paladinari says:

      Lol, and what exactly does that entail?
      In any case, I need to go up to UCONN to help move some of my sister’s stuff out of her room, and then I’ll be home in time for dinner (because I do NOT intend to make a day of it ^.^*)
      So yes! Whatever an armor/costume/braiding (well, I understand the braiding part) fest of doom is, we could have it next Sunday night (so long as Dave’s other D&D group has departed, in which case I might need to come to you for this fest, lol).

      • Hehehe aww we could tease the guys and lock ourselves in our rooms and make cute giggling noises to either annoy them or tease them into thinking were doing naughty things 😀 But yes that’s fine let me know a time and I can be at your house, I was hoping to see a lot of what you’ve done and use them for references/templates which would be easier at your home I think.

      • paladinari says:

        Now now, Denya, I thought you were only after men? 😉

        But still, it sounds like the DM wants to have a game of some sort on Saturday night, but I would be more than happy to have you over on Sunday again, unless you don’t want to make the trip twice. Somehow, I don’t see the boyfriends being too happy if we were to have a braiding party while trying to role play…

        Now if only you-know-who (namely Gris) would tell me if there was actually going to be another D&D game here on Sunday with another group of guys (which I wouldn’t be too sorry to miss) then I could actually give you a time!

      • Aww why not have the braiding party as part of the role playing/hehehe although it looks like were not playing our game on Sat anyways but a new one. I have no problem coming down three nights this weekend, I’m running out of time and need the help as were going to ren faire the weekend after this one. And let me know about time, again I don’t care if the random guys are there I have no problem ignoring them.

      • paladinari says:

        Gris just needs to tell me IF the boys are playing this weekend (on Sunday). That’s all. But as of yet, he still needs to give the DM a ring and ask if it’s going to happen. I mean, I won’t be there. And one of the other guys is graduating that day so he won’t either. But I’m not planning on staying long at UCONN, and assuming I don’t hit traffic coming back this way we could probably get together around 5 or 6 on Sunday 🙂
        By the way, is there anything specific I can help you with for your costume? We all know how “busy” I am with work over here, so if you have any little projects please just say the word ^.^* (ie, I’m bored. Crafting is fun)
        Also by the way, you might want to start scrounging up bobby pins, assorted elastic bands of all sizes, ribbons, clips, etc. or whatever you think you might want or need for your hair. I don’t have many bobby pins here and might be using them for myself on that day. Also, if you could collect any reference pics of things you might like to try, I’d be happy to give it a go! I don’t often get the chance to braid someone else’s hair, so this will be fun 🙂

      • I’m trying to think if there’s any little projects I need help with but aside from the fact that I don’t have any earrings or necklaces for the costume right now i can’t think of anything. I need to make the one pauldron and the Cuisses and Webbie’s harness..the skirt thing will have to wait until after this ren faire as I wanna get a feel for if I want it or not first….Hmm Denya will have her dagger, and two swords (the scabbards aren’t great so I’m gonna need to use permanent marker on them and maybe eventually improve them with real leather parts to keep them from breaking…Oh it would be so cool If I could make scabbards out of that brown leather I got…I dunno though.) Um she’s got her corset which I’m gonna lace with leather tie’s, she’s got the cloak, pants, belt with one sword holder, pouches, leather bracelets, boots, bracers . Yah it’s down to the necklace of protection we’ve all got and the new earrings I just got in game.

    • Hmm actually come to think of it I have bracers so the bracelets wont be needed..and I’m thinking on my right shoulder it would be cool to have some sort of leather with ties on my upper arm like the girl in my main picture does.. I have leather and ties…hehehe unless you have any ideas on how to make a quiver of arrows.. I was considering using PVC pipe rapped in the leather stuff with some of those belts from the dollar store as straps to me..and then maybe making a bow out of wood and twine as a prop that sits in the quiver with some arrows.

  2. Wow the french crown is gorgeous. I payed for the dagger so hopefully It’ll be here next week so we can have braiding fun ahead of time..I still need to make the rest of my costume.

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