Ask a Paladin (unfiltered)

As I had said during the very earliest existence of my Ask a Paladin posts, I do request that any discussion on that thread is kept to a PG-13 rating at the worst. This is because while it is nice to answer questions in-character, I must also be mindful of those people who might come across the answer. This is also the reason why my Clips of Reverie page is now password protected, in order to keep any children out there who might come across my blog while searching up “paladin” from experiencing some extremely bloody and graphic stories.

If you are interested in accessing my Ask a Paladin (unfiltered) page–which is going to be used to experiment with a friend’s alternate character and, so I’ve been told, might even get a bit crude for even my own tastes–please email me at for the password. You may also email me for the password to the Clips of Reverie page, as well. Thanks, and happy reading!

Access Ask a Paladin (unfiltered)


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