Tutorial 1- Elvish Bag of Holding

Click here to read up on how to create a fun, twisted, elvish bag of holding from leftover fabric scraps.

Tutorial 2.0- Nourishing your Canvas

COMING SOON–Nothing is more disheartening than waking up, ready for a fun day at the convention, and finding a large zit smack dab in the middle of your forehead (or a giant robot, right Naota?). This tutorial will go over the basics of keeping your skin–your canvas!–healthy, clean, and ready for cosplay!

Tutorial 2.1- Makeup Basics

COMING SOON–If you’ve ever been baffled by the cosmetics section, then click here first! This tutorial will cover the basics of makeup and what brands/products will give you the most bang for your buck.

Tutorial 2.2- Photo-Ready Makeup

COMING SOON–Have you ever wanted to get that gorgeous “porcelain doll” effect sported by the majority of anime characters? Then click here and learn how to “doll up” your face and get yourself ready for a photo shoot!

Tutorial 2.3- Stage Makeup and Special Techniques

COMING SOON–Will you be cosplaying on stage anytime soon? Did you know that stage makeup is different from photo makeup? If so, or if not, click here to learn the basic makeup DOs and DON’Ts of performance makeup! Also, this tutorial will cover specialty techniques and effects. You won’t want to skip this!


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