Elf and Elf

I don’t think that it was a very big surprise to anyone when I wanted to make my bard an Elf. What can I say? I’m obsessed! But I was really happy when Denya decided that she wanted to make an Elf character, too. She’s our group’s cleric*, and she’s also playing some sort of Middle Eastern-ish Elf who worships some sort of goddess named Saran Wrap…. or something… Actually, Melodie doesn’t really follow any sort of organized religion. But, shhhhh! Don’t tell Nary! I don’t think that she’s quite as forgiving towards people who don’t worship her goddess as Ari is!

Here’s more on our friend Denya’s Cleric character, Nary.

*Well, she’s supposed to be a cleric. Although, at our last game, she failed the, “You come to a haunted well. What do you do?” game with a, “I throw a coin in it!”. Our DM: “It’s a HAUNTED WELL.” Nary: “I throw two coins in it!” (Ok, I’m exaggerating. But I think Ari needs to give a little lesson on holiness to our friend Nary. Though, in truth, friend Nary doesn’t have any points in knowledge of religion, so there is a little speculation that she might have been thrown out of cleric school, thus the reason she’s in our part of the world rather than Pathfinder Middle East….)

No hard feelings, Denya! ❤

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2 Responses to Elf and Elf

  1. And! It was crazy early in the morning when the well thing happened and I’d never been a Cleric in a role-playing game before! geez evil characters seem so much easier….

  2. Nary has no problem with people not worshiping her Goddess, she just has problems with those who have no interest in redemption and who glory in slaughter and death. In fact her Goddess tries to convert other gods and goddess to the path of goodness all the time because she believes all can be redeemed…But don’t think she’s a push over, if your rotten to the core, your rotten to the core and she’ll go dervish swirling swords on your ass:-)

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