More on the Epoch of the Journey Harp

So tonight I did a little research to figure out how I can fix my pretty little lyre (ha, get it?). After making a few calls, I found at least one place on Long Island that would be willing to take a look at it and at least give me an estimate for the replacement of pins. And after more research, I actually took some measurements and found online the parts that I would need to fix it, if I wanted to do so myself.

I also found out that apparently Pakistani tuning pins (as well as Chinese) are notorious for shearing off, which is exactly what seems to have happened with my pins, and which is why the lyre can’t hold a tune–and why two of the pins can’t be turned with my tuner, since the ends have rounded off.

So now I just need to decide if I want to tackle this project myself at a lesser cost, or probably pay a bit more and have a professional do it. I’m not sure if my wallet can accommodate a professional looking at my costume prop right now. But I feel like just buying the parts would be a fairly easy task. Decisions, decisions…

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