Rating eBay

After writing last night’s post regarding my harp buying experience, I’ve received some negative feedback from readers of my blog, chastising me for giving this company a positive rating at all. Luckily, I moderate all of my comments. My life is negative enough, thank-you-very-much. So I refuse to allow negative comments to make it onto the board of one of the things that still makes me happy.

In any case, that’s a fair question: How does one rate an eBay transaction? I have my own personal way of doing this out of courtesy, and often I look to the seller and the item itself, rather than my personal experience, to give me the criteria for how I rate.

In the case of the infamous Journey Harp, I did give the seller a positive rating, without regard to the actual sound of the instrument because there actually was no claim in the item description that it could be played at all. I did ask for a sample video of the harp for sound quality previous to purchasing, which they stated they didn’t have. I went ahead and bought the harp anyway, which was on me.

As for starred feedback: The seller WAS very quick in shipping the item (it’s not their fault I couldn’t pick it up quickly), and the seller WAS very easy to communicate with, and often got back to my questions within a day or so. So there was no reason to bump down their feedback score for those things. I did take one star off of the description question, since the item I received did not match the picture in the listing (which was probably just their stock picture). However it wasn’t such a big deal that I would have given them a bad score for that. And as to the overall experience, the seller WAS very patient with me and courteous. So again, there was no reason to lower their score.

In the past, I have given neutral and even negative feedback to a seller. Again, I look to the seller and the item itself to give my feedback. For example, when purchasing Mina, I had given neutral feedback because of the condition she was in upon arrival and the way she was packaged. Her item description was wrong, so I took off points there.

Additionally, I often use a seller’s previous feedback to help me make mine. If a seller is new to eBay and they’re selling lousy items, I let people know through my feedback. If a seller has a 100% positive rating and over 200 sales under their belt, I’m probably going to keep up their good appearances through my feedback. In this case, no one else seems to have had a problem with their harps. My harp came factory sealed and has probably been sitting in its box and bubble wrap for a few months getting damaged. I know from personal experience what kind of havoc sitting around can do for an instrument! So, I’m content to say “You get what you pay for”. I didn’t pay a lot for this instrument, so it would be silly to go after this seller for that reason.

In all, my feedback score is my own. If you’re not ok with it, just don’t buy the instrument personally and keep your opinions to yourself about how I buy on eBay. Thanks.

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