Answers to Questions

A while ago, our DM gave us all 20 questions to answer, in character, about “ourselves”. Originally when we began playing the game, he did the same thing. Now that we’ve been questing for a while, he wanted to see how our characters were doing. Here’s Ari’s responses:

1)  Besides your armor and weapons what do you always carry with you? (consider gear, personal objects etc..)

As a paladin, I do not carry much in the way of personal possessions. I have a bag of holding which was gifted to me by my grandmother, and all I carry within it are the things which are necessary. My only items of luxury, if they may be considered so, is a bottle of honey and store of sugar which I keep on me. I’ll also carry pastries and other sweet treats on me when I can. I’m rather fond of sugar.

2)  What do you do on a daily basis?  What is your routine?

I used to have a routine; a very strict regimen of how I lived my life. However, since I began this journey with my companions, I find that my routine has been thoroughly disrupted. I still pray to Selene often, but I find myself with less time to commune with her. I am distracted and have been unable to stop and meditate. When was the last time I found myself truly alone? I used to spread Selene’s message and grace, now I simply find myself living from day to day in a constant state of… what is the word? I feel as though I am living on a scale, and the weights keep shifting!

3)  How do you feel about war?

War is, unfortunately, an inevitable part of life; from the largest battle to the smallest skirmish. Even a war of tongues; communication. Though I carry a sword—though I steel myself against the sight of blood—the smell and sound of the battlefield—I in no way enjoy it. I am merely proficient for the sake of helping whichever side I am allied with. At least then the battle will be shorter. Perhaps less bloody.

4)  If you died tomorrow who would mourn you?

Now that I have become the First Speaker of my House, most like the entire capital of Avordeem would turn out to grieve. However, I think I could count the genuine mourners using only my hands. My paladin brothers and sisters would be saddened by my passing, but would also accept that I had gone on to join our Lady. And I don’t really have too much in the way of family who would be too saddened to see me gone. However, due to my pact with the Goddess, I will be around until my purpose in this world is done.

5)  How do you feel about love and sex?

Love is beautiful and strengthens our resolve against the evils of this world through the sheer force of the connection it fosters, though I have never loved anyone myself. Sexual relations, on the other hand, are necessary to the continuing of our species. It cannot be avoided. And relations for the sake of lust, I believe, are deplorable.

6)  How do you feel about Elves?

Considering my own background, being of the Elves, I suppose I feel strongly about them. Although, now that I have begun to see more of the world, I am becoming more aware of my culture’s curiosities.

7)  How do you feel about Orcs?

They are abominations and must be eliminated at all costs.

8)  How do you feel about Goblins?

I find Goblins greedy and petty and they are surely not to be trusted. I’ll keep my distance.

9)  How do you feel about Lupins?

I had never met a Lupine until recently. And even though my friend Auerion is only half of such, I feel as though I am interested in them. In many ways, my friend is more in tune with the land than even myself, which is very admirable.

10)  How do you feel about Katarins?

I have never met one, but I have been told of their… tek-no-gy? Tech… nolo… gee? Either way, it is unnatural. I have no reason to distrust the race, but I am wary of their weapons and tools.

11)  How do you feel about the great war and Dwarves in general?

My parents were both lost in the Great War, and though I have had a lifetime to accept this, I still find the whole ordeal of the War itself saddening. So many lives were lost needlessly, on both sides. Prior to traveling with my companions, I had met a few Dwarves, but I had never had a very high opinion of them. My companion Griswold is certainly… different than the others I have met, although his actions often concern, and irritate, me. I consider myself a patient person, but I have no patience for his antics.

12)  If you met a Dwarf tomorrow what might you say to him?  How would you treat him?

Considering I have one sleeping out in my stable right now, I’ll probably greet him by asking if he’s sober. Then, my general ignoring of him will continue. He irritates me so!

13)  What god or Gods do you worship?  Why?

I worship the Goddess Selene. She has cared for me since I was a child, and has spoken to me for many years. I feel at peace in her presence and would do anything I could to serve her. My paladin vows state that I will do all I can to do her work in this world. I have given myself over to her completely. She may use my voice, my hands, and my body as she sees fit. And I am content with this.

14)  What is your most important possession?

My most important possession is my holy blade, which also happens to be my family’s Selu’Tria, or choosing blade. With it, I can serve justice on behalf of Selene and my family.

15)  Who is closest to you in your life?

I do not have many friends or acquaintances in my life—which is most likely one of the hazards of my lifestyle choice. Many of us here avoid deep connections with others, though I have a couple of friends in my brothers and sisters that I have made over the years. Other than that, most likely the closest one to me is my cousin, Alnir. We get along well, and though he can be a bit aggravating, he is still my closest confidante. He is even the steward of our House in my absence.

16)  What is your life aspiration?

I aspire to be Selene’s champion in this world. No matter the cost, I hope to serve her to the fullest until my final breath.

17)  What is your greatest wish?

I was once graced with a vision of my Lady, as I lay on my deathbed. I hope for just one more glimpse of her face before I fall out of this existence.

18)  What are your feelings about death?

Death is a natural part of life. It cannot be avoided and must be approached with an open mind. I believe, in death, our departed ones wait to welcome us home. I already have many who are waiting for me. However, Selene has granted me the favor of never allowing my body to pass on, so long as I can be healed. In this way, I will continue to do her work in this world until my time in this world will end.

19)  Have you ever killed someone?  If so how did it make you feel?

I have killed many, but all in service to my Goddess. Those who would do harm to others and who cannot be dealt with through peaceful or verbal means must be eliminated, especially if they are posing a threat to myself or those I care about. However, though I have killed many, I take no joy in it. I have frozen myself to the sight of death and try not to allow it to affect me.

20)  If I Gave you one million Gold pieces what would you do with it?

It would be my obligation and privilege to donate as much as possible to my temple to better further the influence of Selene’s good will in this world. I have no need of money, as a paladin or as a woman of noble birth.

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