Wow, my first post in months, and I actually plan on making a political statement! What’s this world coming to?

But actually, that IS my point. I didn’t choose to censor my WordPress blog today (not for any particular reason other than that I couldn’t figure out how to and it was too late at night to do so by the time I really wanted to try). But, if the Internet censorship bill is passed, being able to read my WordPress blog, as well as countless others, would be a thing of the past. Though I haven’t used my blog in a while, I’m grateful for the ability to be able to do so. Being able to say what I think and post up pictures that help to tell my story and that of the people I’ve met is a precious commodity that I think often goes unappreciated.

Under the Internet Censorship bill, sites that deal in possible copyright infringements–such as,,,,, and countless others–would be subject to the terms and conditions of that bill. If I understand it correctly (and Elves make terrible politicians!) this would result in a cease-and-desist on such sites, as well as a permanent blackout of such information. It would turn the power over to the copyright owners to block those sites that are committing infractions and Internet piracy.

Anyway, I don’t really understand the situation well enough to make any drawn out stance against this. All I know is that, personally, this act would cause my favorite creative outlets to be shut down. And that just would not be cool!

If you’d like to learn more about what this is all about (and at least be mildly amused while doing so and be spoken to as an equal or valued customer, rather than by a politician using crazy lingo or an Elf that probably just doesn’t fully understand this situation but is hurt by it nonetheless) please feel free to visit the above bold websites for more info.

Please, no flames or comments trying to explain the Act to me in full. I just wanted to put my two cents in. I’ll find out the outcome when I come home from work later. Thanks!

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