Why Yes, it IS a Ride-On Dinosaur!

Why? Because I needed to come up with swap gifts for a 23cm doll and wasn’t sure what else to do! Seriously.

On Dollieh Sanctuary, I got the chance to participate in the Holiday Swap this year. People were matched up and sent gifts to each others’ dolls. Gilan got matched up with a cute 23cm Obitsu. But the doll didn’t need clothes, and I wasn’t too sure of the scale. I wandered around Target one night looking for small gifts, but couldn’t come up with much. So, what do you get for the little boy doll with what looks like 10 or so like-sized sisters?

Answer: A ride-on dinosaur, complete with handmade custom saddle and bridle. Happy Holidays ^.^

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5 Responses to Why Yes, it IS a Ride-On Dinosaur!

  1. You should totally put this up on etsy and see if any one buys one(you would then make custom to their doll)…this would be the thing that gets your store going, not the intricate cloaks and kimonos…but a ride on Dinosaur:-)

  2. I think it’s awesome that you thought that one up. Will he fit it?

  3. cde says:

    Haha Awesome.

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