Review for The Junky Spot

Hi everyone! This is coming a bit late (a few days late, to be exact), but I just wanted to talk a little about my recent purchase with The Junky Spot. This is a great online store which specializes in BJDs and supplies. They are super friendly, very professional, and on Black Friday, they were offering some really great deals! So how could I resist?

They had Black Friday deals going all day long, and even continued with some sales after the day was done. Throughout the day, they kept listing up dolls and supplies at really great prices. But the listings weren’t guaranteed to last, so you had to work fast and keep checking back! I couldn’t afford her anyway, but I was really eying the Hujoo Dana they had on sale. She’s a really sweet looking doll with an innocent pursed lip face and a unique ratchet posing system. Too bad she’s too innocent looking for a Clover or a Julia. She’s just cute….

Yay! More nightmare fuel for Auerion kun!

I ended up purchasing a pair of Junky Spot exclusive Hujoo eyes, called “landscape”. They’re pupiless 16mm acrylic eyes in a gorgeous and striking royal/electric blue, and I thought that they would look perfect in an upcoming doll project. And the price was very good so, again, how could I resist?

No sooner had I placed the order, then I got a confirmation email, an invitation email to their forum, and the shipping confirmation email all within a few minutes. Wow! I ordered them on a Friday and they were to my doorstep by Monday. They came securely packed up in a box with packing peanuts, and I even got a candy brain to munch on and a couple of Junky Spot business cards out of the deal. Awesome!

All in all, I had a very positive first buying experience with The Junky Spot and would highly recommend them. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Review for The Junky Spot

  1. Yay wonderful…and you must be tired or something because there are I don’t know how many spelling errors in that post:-)

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