New Armor, and a New Problem

So a few nights ago, I finished constructing the breastplate portion of Gilan’s armor. Made from a single piece of leather with attached pauldrons, the armor is fit to his unique body type and laces up the sides in elastic for a flexible fit. Though I’m enjoying his bishi-ness for now, I plan on making him a tunic, kidney belt, cuisses with articulated knees, and arm armor in the weeks to come. I’ve even managed to find awesome leather boots on eBay which would compliment the outfit perfectly (though I haven’t purchased them yet). I also, just this morning, put the finishing touches on his new cloak, which is fully lined and very heavy.

But not everything is going peachy in my room. Liddell is here on vacation (from Lacey), and she’s starting to stir up trouble!

Earlier this morning…

Gilan: (kneels) Little Ari?

Little Ari: Gilan?

Gilan [Elvish]: Now possessing both sword and armor, I find that I am now able to swear my fealty to you as your protector. Allow me to be your knight–a shield against all the evil in this world. Even if all the depths of hell should rise up and attempt to overtake this world in a horrific apocalypse of disease and death, I shall stand before you, unafraid, and fight for your safety. Even if the sky should open to rain death down upon this world…

Gilan [Elvish]: (continues swearing noble fealty to his Little Ari)

Little Ari: (has no idea what Gilan is saying, but it’s in Elvish and is therefore very pretty, so she’s fairly certain he’s professing his undying love for her)

Gilan [Elvish]: …were you to be struck down with a horrible, skin rotting disease that left you miserable and helpless, with my holy sword I should smite the evil possessing you and restore you to glorious health. Having sworn…

Liddell: Oooooooh, pretty hair….!

Gilan [Elvish]: Woman? What are you doing?

Liddell: (giggles)

Liddell: Oh, hey Little Ari!

Little Ari: You… you hussy! You leave my Gilan alone! What happened to Man Toy?

Gilan: …

Liddell: Man Toy’s too BIG! *wink* But this hot little redhead is just my size… hehe

Little Ari: You… you wench! This is my room! I saw him first, so hands off!

(Liddell and Little Ari continue to argue)

Gilan: (walks away, thinking) Curse it! I spent all week writing that speech. Now I’m going to have to start again from the beginning.



Liddell: So? Which of us do you like better, Gil?

Little Ari: Yeah! Come on, Gilan. You have to choose!

Gilan [Elvish]: (mumbling) Goddess take me now… -.-*

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2 Responses to New Armor, and a New Problem

  1. mica says:

    Yay! another Delilah Dark/defiant

  2. Ha ha ha adorable. So will we be selling armor on this website as well?

    P.S. please dont allow the first version pf this comment.

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