Doll Family Overview

So it should be no surprise by this point that quite a lot of us (ie, the Fellowship of the Dagger) have somehow become enamored with dolls. It all started many, many moons ago when we went to a cosplay picnic. After that, I began obsessing. And it’s history from there. To date, we’ve managed to rack up a tiny collection of dolls ranging greatly in size, brand, and type. And every time we meet up, our extended family always seems to like to make an appearance! So how about a little overview as to what’s going on over here, doll-wise? (Because I don’t write enough about BJDs on this blog that I began so that I could write about my cosplay and armor projects…)

Left to right, Top (Gilan, "Man Toy", Aurora, Sapphire), Bottom (Little Ari, Lacey, Liddell, Black Yoshi)

In order of arrival and addition, we have:

Lacey– 27cm Obitsu, soft bust, normal skin, with Gretel head (new) (owned by Griswold) A vampire, and a little batty, too! She likes to wreak havoc on the other dolls, especially her friend Liddell. Hyper!

Little Ari– Resinsoul Mei, normal skin (pre-owned) (owned by myself) A bit demanding and very vocal, she rules the roost in my room. Or at least my desk. She has a crush on Gilan.

Liddell– Delilah Noir, Dark and Deviant (new) (owned by Griswold) Sarcastic and long-suffering, when it comes to Lacey. Not very excitable, and Lacey’s complete opposite. Has a crush on Man Toy.

Sapphire– Delilah Noir, Lady Onyx (pre-owned) (owned by Denya) Very sweet and caring. Loves her puppy, Bailey. Aurora’s older sister.

“Man Toy” (currently unnamed)- Bobobie Apollo, normal skin (pre-owned) (owned by Auerion) Unknown personality, though very popular with the ladies (for his large size).

Aurora– Volks Dollfie, beauty model(?), normal skin (?) [need to check this with Denya] (new) (owned by Denya) Small and quiet. Sapphire’s little sister. Adorable!

Gilan– Resinsoul Song, tan skin (new) (owned by myself) Quiet and reserved, and only speaks in Elvish. Feels a strong desire to act as Little Ari’s chivalrous protector. Oblivious to her infatuation.

Here’s some pics of the gang, with comments:

Lacey showing off her vavavavooms!

The two Delilahs. Sharing a secret?

The only boys. They look like the could kick some butt for their women if they had to!

The MSD gang. Sometimes it's hard being the middle children.

Uh oh, is this the start of something special? Aurora had better watch out for Liddell (who has a SERIOUS crush on Man Toy!)


The 1:6 pair. Like night and day.

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2 Responses to Doll Family Overview

  1. alex says:

    when will man toy get some fuzz on the roof? the kilt suggests he comes from a place where the razor is not a commonly used device.

  2. They really are like day and night, the princess and the vampire. And I do believe that Aurora is a beauty (Don’t remember which one, I think B so she would fit in most barbie clothes) and she is normal skin tone.

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