Adventures in Bill Me Later Land

So last year, wanting to be an awesome girlfriend, I bought Griswold a Dark and Deviant Delilah Noir on eBay (better known as Liddell). I went to pay for it though Paypal, and saw that there was an option for Bill Me Later, which would allow me to go without making payments until July. Awesome!, I thought. Just what I needed; a little more time to make some more money, get a real job, and pay her off.

So, of course, I put off payments til the last minute. And then, the problems started.

I don’t have a credit card–which suits me just fine. I’m proud that I have no credit card debt, and my biggest problems are my student loans and car payments. So it was amazing how much of a P in the A it was to pay this doll off!

I found out, just today, that apparently my mother (who has a very similar name to mine) also has a Bill Me Later account. Soooooo… that would explain why things were getting so confusing. For the past few months, I’ve been fighting with the website to make payments, and they kept getting bounced back at me! I’d get annoyed, forget about it for a while, and try making the payments again and again, only to keep having it getting sent back, “your payment has been returned”. So finally, after receiving an email statement today, I decided, “What the heck?” and called in to see what was up.

It’s because my mother and I have similar names (they got confused) and because I apparently don’t know the difference between my debit card and my checking account. Go figure.

So fast forwarding, now Liddell is paid off (hallelujah!). And apparently I’m not responsible enough to have a credit card, so it’s good that I don’t have one. Now that my Bill Me Later account has a balance of $0.00 (yay ^.^), I think I’ll delete it for good and never, EVER use it again. I refuse to play this game ever again. It kind of sucks.

And here Little Ari was getting ready to post Liddell up as “used, good condition” on eBay… (and maybe throw in Lacey for good measure)

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One Response to Adventures in Bill Me Later Land

  1. hahaha yah I have a Care Credit Card which is for like dental bills and stuff, and it was a crazy hassle too but not as bad as that. My father and grandfather’s names are the same and they have credit issues all of the time, if I had been a boy I would be named the same too…so I thank God for small miracles.

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