So Many Updates, So Little Time!

So, it’s been quite a LONG while since I’ve posted anything! Or given any updates or talked about current and completed projects and new additions and whatnot. I know I’ve been awful with it! So, in a nutshell, here are some of the updates and going-ons about my Long Island life at present (in no particular order):

– I got to go to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire a few weekends ago. I wore my new gambeson and full armor, and slowly stripped off layer after layer of clothing during the day, due to the heat, until I was in nothing but that gambeson and my leather corset. Which was pretty cool looking, still ^.^

– I am now in the process of adding to the gambeson to get it ready for this coming weekend, where I will be attending the New York Anime Festival. I’m adding a waist cincher portion which matches the gambeson (these things will make a lot more sense when I have time to post up pics of them). I’m going for some sort of “water elf” type look. Maybe?

– I’m still working at the library! And I have recently dicovered a guilty pleasure in Karen Marie Moning’s “Highlander” series. *ahem*

– I just got the word that Auerion has a new job! I’m so proud of him and am really excited that he and Griswold will be able to move in together as a result. Finally! He can stop concerning the neighbors with his kilt!

– Little Ari has been the recipient of a lot of new clothes lately. I am most proud of her new khaki pants, made from my old khakis that I cut off into capri pants earlier in the summer. I also created her a little wool coat with a rabbit fur collar. She’s all ready for fall ^.^

– And finally, I’m happy to announce that Gilan (the much-anticipated Resinsoul Song) has finally arrived home. He and Little Ari have become fast friends, even though he treats her like a chivalrous older brother might treat his younger sister, and she treats him more like eye candy. It also doesn’t help that they don’t speak the same language (I don’t know, I think he just came programmed speaking Elvish…) For for information on Gilan (aka, boy toy), check out Dollieh Sanctuary, username paladinari. 🙂

Bonus Photostory (which doesn’t seem significant enough to post up on Dollieh Sanctuary, but it’s a good way to introduce Gilan):

Little Ari: Gilan! It’s time for your English….

Little Ari: …less…on. What are you…?

Little Ari: *flusters, blushing* Oh, shirtless! We’re going shirtless today, are we?

Gilan: *shrugs* Ae anírach.

Little Ari: *flustered* Um… right… So, since I couldn’t find an Elvish Rosetta Stone… um… Gaelic seems to be the way to go… (Oh, shirtless!) Um… right, teaching English now. (Must… avert…. eyes… from… bishi-ness…) You have strange, elf ways, don’t you?

Gilan: *shrugs* Goheno nin. Eh… *struggles with language, picking up slowly* You are… red?

Little Ari: *blushes* Right! English lessons! Let’s get to work! (So we can finally understand each other)

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2 Responses to So Many Updates, So Little Time!

  1. Adorable! Wants to see Gambeson!!!!

    • paladinari says:

      Well if I could ever get the kitten to stop sitting on my lap and offering to be my pincushion, then I’d be able to finish up the costume piece that compliments it so I could wear it this weekend!

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