Review for “The Doll Market”

So after waiting about 3.5 months for boy toy’s Dollzone Urban boy outfit to show up, it did… yesterday. The sad thing is that boy toy actually beat the outfit here by about a week or so, and he was coming from Japan. I suppose that the outfit actually came here from China (I think) by way of North Carolina. And as I write this, yes, maybe Irene had something to do with the delay (though that was quite recent, compared to the actual order). But still, 3.5 months? Without any kind of contact?

So first, here’s my Doll Market review:

The Bad- Obviously, I was NOT impressed with the amount of time it took to order the outfit, get it delivered to them, and have it shipped to me. In my mind, it should take much less time to sew up a single outfit than it should for a brand new doll to be made by a historically slow company (Resinsoul). Also, halfway through this period, I tried to go in and check on my order via an account I had made online with the Doll Market. Lo and behold, my account didn’t exist anymore! That account that I had actually put the order in on. Even though I had an email sitting in my inbox with an order confirmation.

The Good- Well, the product that arrived IS the product I ordered, ultimately. Also, when I realized that my account no longer existed, I actually called them one Friday and spoke to a very helpful and friendly customer service representative (I think named Jo). Once she confirmed that yes, my outfit was on the way, we actually spoke for a few minutes about our two dolls (it was nice to hear that she had a BJD too). But, she did make it sound like I would be getting the outfit “soon”. And this was over a month ago.

And now, here’s what I have to say about the actual outfit:

It’s HUGE. I mean, of course I would try it on Little Ari, since she’s here and at hand. And granted, she has a female body, is shorter than boy toy by 2cm, and is a completely different brand than the outfit was made for. But I think that the outfit missed the mark entirely. It especially worries me that the RS Song is similar in size to the RS Mei. The pants overshot her feet by about 2 inches, and the tank top was sliding off of her body, despite her rather large chest which should have held it in place. The tan overshirt is also gigantic, compared to her (again, it should have been straining against her chest!) So I really don’t see how boy toy would fare much different. It’s supposed to be a form fitting outfit, but everything is extremely baggy and doesn’t look quite like the picture.

So in all, after waiting so long for this outfit anyway, I can imagine that I’ll probably be happy to let it go pretty quickly and just get the money back I lost.

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3 Responses to Review for “The Doll Market”

  1. Aww I sowwies, but he is suppose to be bigger, maybe it will fit him better, only time will tell.

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