Why Hurricanes and Gambesons Don’t Mix

*Fiddles with computer* Is this thing on? Is it? Ok! We’re good! Hurricane Irene is now two days behind us here, and I just got power and Internet and phones back this morning. Hooray! Unfortunately, I know a few of my friends are still without the aforementioned things. Hopefully they’ll get it all back soon 😦

So hi there, everyone! It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted. And, it’s also been a very long time since I’ve posted anything useful or interesting. I started this blog over a year ago to chronicle my armoring and costuming, but mostly I’ve just been talking about dolls lately (and my collection is about to grow, too. I’m so excited! ^.^)

So let’s take a step back and try to get back to basics for tonight. Though I didn’t blog about it, I actually began a special project last week: Work on my new armor jacket, or “gambeson” (the padded jacked a knight would wear to keep from getting hurt by his own armor). I’ve made one of these before. It’s the long blue overcoat with maybe 40 eyelets down the front which need to be laced up every time I wear it. It was very effective when I wore my scale mail armor for the first time this past spring (in fact, I only managed to get copious bruises wherever the jacket didn’t extend to–namely, under my arms. Ow!) However, it’s a bit warm for the warmer weather.

So, I decided to begin work on a warm weather gambeson! The design actually came to me in a dream (seriously). I woke up from the dream and immediately had to sketch it out so that I wouldn’t forget what it had to look like. And so far, it’s coming along beautifully! I won’t post any pictures and will leave its final design as a surprise, but I can say that its based on that wonderful dress pattern I seem to use for everything. Other than that, it’s somewhere like a cross between a bodice/corset and a traditional gambeson in a lovely shade of blue with silver trim. Like most of the armor and costume pieces I wear, I’d like to remind my friends that if I look like I’m going to pass out… I probably am. This very tightly laced costume piece will be worn UNDER my leather corset, in traditional Ari-likes-to-torture-herself fashion. I guess I had better start getting my lungs back into shape, lol.

And so, what do hurricanes have to do with anything? Well, I only began work on this gambeson project last week. That was before I lost power… for two days. Soooo, now I have to work double time to get it completed in time for the coming weekend–when I might be going to the New York Renaissance Faire–and weekend after that, which is the Sands Point Medieval Festival. I’m very behind on this project, and also realized tonight that I still need to round up my costume pieces, which seem to have been scattered to the wind all over my house, between the springtime faire and ConnectiCon.

Stupid hurricane >.<*

Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Why Hurricanes and Gambesons Don’t Mix

  1. I just stumbled across your website via a picture of the Buttercup dress google image search and I wanted to say I really like your blog!
    Glad you made it through Irene ok and that gambeson sounds very pretty, looking forward to seeing the finished product 🙂

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