A Long Time Ago…

So last year, Denya and I attended the 2010 Sands Point Medieval Faire. This was when I had created the pretty blue Buttercup gown for Denya, and I remember that we showed up on the day of the faire and were… well, relieved that I hadn’t gone in elf ears! The Sands Point Medieval Faire was a little more accurate than the faires we were used to going to (no elves, faerie creatures, or lupines to be found anywhere!). Denya was the hit of the party in her blue gown, and it was cute to watch the little girls ask her if she was a princess. I myself went in my blue tabard with some armor. People were “polite”, but it wasn’t the kind of attention I was used to getting at a faire, lol.

Nonetheless, we had fun. It was nice to go to a different kind of faire–and one much closer to home for me. So tonight, I decided to check out their website and find out when it was going to be happening this year. First, here’s some useful info:

The 2011 Sands Point Medieval Faire will be held September 10-11 and 17-18 from 11AM-5PM at the Sands Point Preserve in Port Washington, NY. Even if you’re a little nervous about attending a more “traditional” faire, it’s still a gorgeous setting overlooking Long Island Sound. They even have an accurate castle backdrop, which makes for some killer pictures! Last year, they had a ton of vendors, a joust, a free-for-all medieval “street brawl”, a Medieval fashion show, and more. There’s not much information on the website about the events for this year, but if it’s anything like last year, it would be very much worth showing up again just to have a great time, and even to learn a little about the time period we DnD folks hold so dear.

Other than finding out information about the dates for the faire though, I was also pleasantly surprised when I came across this picture on their site, in with their official pictures for the 2010 Faire. I’ve been wanting a good one of me in this tabard! ^.^


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  1. hlf210324 says:

    I really like the picture!

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