Breaking into Etsy!

So, I finally made my very first Etsy listing! It’s for the Lolita Owner and Doll BJD skirt set. I might have set the price a little steep, but you never know you might pick it up *shrug*. Next up, I’ll probably start listing kimonos as well… FINALLY. ^.^

See my Etsy listing here.

PS- Does anyone else think the pictures are horrible? Yes? Me too -.- Maybe I’ll take new tomorrow and upload new ones.

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One Response to Breaking into Etsy!

  1. Looks good, you need a shop banner and a little icon for yourself to make your self look more ligit, and I would say make a post on Dollieh Sanctuary and facebook so people know its out there and it may get sold. I would do the same when you start putting up the kimonos too.

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