Introduction to The Four Seasons

As Denya could probably tell you, I have an overload of fabric over here. I have a habit of walking into fabric stores and buying up sample sizes of things or the ends of bolts. They’re too small for full outfits of the human-sized persuasion. However, they’re the perfect size for dolls. Unfortunately, I have a habit of choosing rather lavish, impractical fabrics. So they don’t get used very often.

But Little Ari insisted that I finally do something with them. And so, I designed a project: The Four Seasons.

Using fabric I already have, I’m going to attempt to translate each season–Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter–into appropriate Elf wear. Why? Because I can. And because, clearly, I never seem to take into account just how much time I like to put into silly projects like this. But I enjoy the challenge ^.^

I’m in the process of squaring away my themes for each outfit as well as the “palettes” (the colors and fabric choices). For a theme, I’m trying to capture an idea or memory to help me come up with each outfit. Mostly, the ideas for the dresses are in my head at the moment (I’ve begun to work on “Spring” though). When Little Ari’s consort gets here (and after I complete her own outfits), I hope to make him coordinating outfits/armor sets which would compliment her look.

So here’s what I have for the seasons thus far. Warning! Dollie Nudity Ahead!

Spring: The inspiration for this dress was wind in new grass. It will incorporate a multi-layer organza skirt in two shades of green along with a fitted corset top in embroidered gold, which I feel represents the sun. The skirt, I imagine, will be semi-transparent.

Summer: For this, I plan on playing off of the ideas of heat, fire, and fireflies. I’m in the process of taking apart an orange and gold sari top with sequin and embroidery embellishments to make this. That I think will make the outer shell of what I feel will become a sleeveless and high-necked gown. I imagine that the orange shell can either be worn by itself (so VERY see-though). And then, I’ll probably create an under-dress which can be added to either compliment the orange or add a bit more modesty.

Autumn: I’m still struggling with the autumn palette, since I don’t want to be too cliche. I think I’ll either go with a theme of autumn leaves or the harvest. I’m not sure how I would translate the harvest just yet, but for autumn leaves I already imagine a brown organza gown with an overlay of red and gold brocade. But I’m still not sure.

Winter: The idea for the winter gown is the night sky over new-fallen snow. I plan on making a very simple, long-sleeved white gown with silver stud detailing. Then, I plan on making a blue velvet cloak edged in white fur. I’m debating whether I might want to sequin or add crystals to the cloak to represent “stars”, but I worry that it’ll be too costumey. Of course, I’m open to ideas and suggestions.

Little Ari is very excited to see this project come to life! ^.^

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3 Responses to Introduction to The Four Seasons

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  2. paladinari says:

    Heh, Little Ari believes herself to be something of a fashion designer. So she has tons of ideas, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull them off! She says that she’d work the sewing machine herself (if I was too chicken), but unfortunately her feet can’t reach the pedal… But I’ll do my best to please her, of course ^.^ (she might hurt me if I don’t o.o*)

  3. Wonderful! When i was thinking elf I was thinking she could have outfits that were not necessarily dresses but I can see the beauty in the gowns, plus her consort will have the other look I’m sure, this is going to be awesome. I’ve very excited to see your progress.

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