Stolen Doll! Help her get home :(

A Public Service Announcement from Star☆Danced

This post is to raise awareness about a stolen doll. The doll was stolen from Angeline/@yukifrein on LiveJournal last May 7 2011, during the Metro Comic Con 2011, where she had a booth.

The doll’s name is Eirin. She is a Fantasy Doll Nina in White Skin. She has light brown eyebrows, blue eyes, a straight pink wig, and body blushing. The MSC coating behind her legs is chipped/scratched. The photo above depicts her as she was last seen. She was wearing a cream-colored bunny hat, a purple-and-black striped long-sleeved top with a black backless shirt on top of it, a denim skirt with white lace, white boots and brown panties. This doll also received modifications from her first owner, though the nature of the modifications is currently unknown.

Picture is from Angeline/@yukfrein on LiveJournal. Read her original post here. This information will also be posted on Den of Angels.

Please reblog this post and help this girl get back home safely. If you see any suspicious looking sales on the DOA Marketplace, Multiply, Sulit or even a local toy or hobby shop – especially those smaller specialty shops that focus on niche collectors and accept secondhand sales -, please don’t hesitate to leave a message in my ask box!

The Philippine BJD community is quite small, but awareness of the existence of these dolls – and by extension, their monetary worth – has become more mainstream. People tend to dismiss these dolls as the expensive toys of spoiled brats, but most of us – myself included – are decidedly middle-class, and we work hard scrimping and saving in order to afford our dolls and all the expenses that come with owning one. The financial investment is great, yes, but the emotional investment is even greater.

I hope this serves as a wake-up call for doll owners to practice extra caution and vigilance to prevent more resin kidnappings in the future, and to practice this caution and vigilance not just on our dolls, but on everything we own!

PaladinAri reposted this on 7/17/11@11:00AM EST

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