ConnectiCon 2011

So, I took way too long to post up about ConnectiCon 2011! It was certainly an experience, and while I’m sure those who were there with me already know some of the issues I experienced, there were nonetheless some very epic moments that need to be addressed. And it was also a successful cosplay event!

At ConnectiCon this year, I successfully pulled off four very different cosplays (some moreso than others). And while some of my costumes I unfortunately didn’t get to wear for as long as I would have liked, I loved wearing them all the same.

My Lolita outfit ended up coming out very sweet, and Little Ari looked equally adorable in her matching skirt! Looking back on it, I probably would have been better off accessorizing a bit more (I think I could have used gloves). But it was a decently comfortable and easy to move around in outfit for Friday, which is always a more casual cosplay day, in my opinion. After having worn this skirt, I’m 90% ready to sell it and Little Ari’s matching skirt off to benefit my cosplay fund (I have to start gearing up for Gobble con!) I’m hoping to aim for $40–because of materials and labor time–for both skirts. If anyone wants or knows of anyone who might want this skirt set, please feel free to email me at Otherwise, I will probably be listing it up for sale on Dollieh Sanctuary beginning next week.

Nora was another adorable cosplay I was able to pull off. Since she’s more of a secondary, or even tertiary character in Spice and Wolf, it was very rare that anyone actually knew who/what I was. Well, that’s not true. I got a lot of people calling me Little Bo Peep *shrugs*. The costume was very comfortable, and I think that all of my accessories were perfect and I got the right feel to the character. If I were to take it further, I would finally make the waist wrap I didn’t get a chance to sew up before ConnectiCon. I’ll be keeping this costume, and I will probably be wearing it to a renaissance faire in the near future to give myself a break from armor (I know… blasphemous!).

On Saturday night, I got to cosplay as Julia for a little while. And while we didn’t get to have a photo shoot of epic proportions as I had wanted to, I had a lot of fun cosplaying as her as Denya cosplayed as Alice (or, as people mistook her, as Jessica Rabbit). In fact, we had TOO much fun, and Denya probably wouldn’t be too happy if I posted up pics of Julia and Alice being *ahem* “naughty”. However, it was a good costume. The wig looked so good on me (I think) and aside from the heels being a bit uncomfortable after a day in shepherd’s sandals, the outfit was comfortable. I can’t wait to wear it again! Maybe if I go to New York Anime Festival in August, this would be a good option…

Finally, I once again cosplayed as Saber on Sunday. I think you all know from last year’s posts how much I adore this outfit. At this point, some of the armor is getting run down. However I think it was a showstopper as usual, and I’m still very proud of how the armor turned out. I even cut my bangs on Sunday morning (right at the hotel!) so that my hair ended up looking more like Saber’s! I was a knight in Cosplay Chess this year on the white side, and I made it through all the way to the end… and was killed by Grell with a chainsaw. Which was really nice of them. I was expecting to be the first piece out…

Denya was also in Cosplay Chess as Dark Zelda (in her stunning aluminum flashing armor, too!), and Rayna was her special attack as Draco/Link. Our friend Rin Izaki was also my special attack as Rin from Fate/Stay Night. In all, Cosplay Chess probably made the highlight of my weekend.

Little Ari also got some action during the convention. There was a big doll meet up, and her and Sapphire got to go and hang out with other doll friends. Little Ari was very happy to get to wear different outfits, meet other dollies, and she even went away from the con with some goodies (such as the little slice of cake she’s holding right now).

What else? Oh right! I got a new little plush friend from our good friend over at So and Sew Plushies. He’s one of the amazing Link plushies that she makes, and now he’s plush Chi’s friend. Little Ari isn’t too fond of him (the whole elf thing, and she feel threatened). However, I’m hoping that one day plush Link and Little Ari’s consort might be good friends.

Another highlight of my weekend was having Denya being the photo whore star of the con ^.^* (normally that’s my job, lol). Denya went as Princess Kakyuu from Sailor Moon, and looked stunning in her beautiful red gown. I think that more than one girl there had cosplay envy because of it! And it was so much fun to take pictures of her. Denya’s such a good sport.

Anyway, now it’s time to start putting my room/workshop back together. I let it get a little out of hand during all my cosplay work, and I’d love to get back into making doll clothes now and working on my fall cosplays (which I still need to find the funding for). I’ll actually be selling off a few of my cosplay outfits, props, and random goodies I’ve been finding around my room. Hopefully Griswold will be nice enough to handle some eBay listings for me, so I’ll be sure to post up on here if anything goes on sale!

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  1. Dont forget to start selling kimono’s! that might be a really good way to fund Fall con’s.

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