Wigging Out

So Alice (aka, Alice Collections) must have heard me talking smack about her, because today my dollies wigs arrived! I won’t post pics now–partly because I want them to be a surprise, and party because I’m too lazy to upload the pictures from my camera–but I can tell you a little about them.

Little Ari’s Saber wig is SO cute. It’s platinum blonde with a nice thick braid coiled up behind it with ribbon. The wig is a little tight on her head (probably because of the styling) but once you manage to get it on it STAYS. The only problem is that the bangs seem to be a bit long, no matter how I position the wig cap. I’ll probably be trimming them soon so that they fall above her eyes neatly.

I also tried boy toy’s/consort’s/Gillan’s wig on Little Ari, just to see what it would look like. It’s a deep, rich-colored red and falls to about her waist. This wig has the opposite problem of the Saber one; it’s too big! I mean, it IS the correct fit. But it’s a bit too springy and keeps popping off her head. So, I will probably need to purchase a silicone wig cap just to keep it on his head in the future.

Oh! And I also got Julia’s wig in the mail today. I haven’t actually opened up the package or tried it on yet, but it looks very nice sitting in its net. And the chestnut brown color is GORGEOUS. So excited!

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