Little Ari Says, “Let’s wrap this up!”

So finally, after many, many hours of tedious, annoying nitpicky work on this project, the Lolita Skirt has more or less been completed. I think I’ve been working on this for two weeks? It’s one of the heaviest individual costume pieces I’ve ever sewn (not counting my Elvish Cloak or the First Speaker Gown, which I think both took the cake). And it’s just a skirt! I think it also takes the prize for the most amount of fabric going into an individual sewn costume piece, with three layers of cotton, crinoline, and organza making up the skirt, and the waistband being made from two layers of cotton and two layers of interfacing. The only thing left is to sew on a hook and eye closure for the zipper, and I’d really like to wash it, since there are pencil marks all over it and I also used fabric glue on it last night to get some binding to stick while I sewed it. But other than that, it’s done.

Little Ari is also happy that it’s done, because she’s been shaking her head at me every night, reminding me that I have other projects to complete before ConnectiCon; not all of which are my own. She’s also happy that she has a matching outfit and scale replica of the skirt for herself. But she’ll be happy to allow her outfit and my skirt to go on to greener pastures after ConnectiCon is done. Not being a lifestyle Lolita myself (and having way too many costumes), I think that this is one set I’ll be happy to let go.

Anyway without further adieu, some pictures of the skirt which you’ve only just been hearing about ^.^

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4 Responses to Little Ari Says, “Let’s wrap this up!”

  1. Heather says:

    so pretty!!! love it!

  2. Beautiful..where will it be going, are you going to try and sell the set on ebay? And I’m kinda surprised your doing all this work and not going to keep it, it’s a good easy comfy outfit, although your Shepard will be even more so.

    • paladinari says:

      I know -.-

      It really is a pretty skirt and very cute and comfy. But, like all my other costumes, it’s a money and storage issue. I also feel like I could fetch a decent price for this, and since I don’t go to conventions often enough to warrant keeping something around I’m only going to wear once a year…

      *shrugs* We’ll see. I actually have a bunch of stuff I’d like Griswold to sell on eBay for me (since I don’t have a seller account). This will probably be one of those things. Though, I might have better luck selling the set on Dollieh Sanctuary.

      Actually, Denya, it would probably fit you, if you and Sapphire are interested ^.^*

      • paladinari says:

        In other news, other costumes which will probably be finding their way to the door soon enough: Inuyasha, Princess Serenity, some armor pieces, Pretty Sammy (for a highly discounted price), and the First Speaker Gown. Not sure when I’m ever going to wear the Chi outfit again, but I did love that one ^.^

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