Justice for Julia

Many, many moons ago, instead of meeting up to play Dungeons and Dragons, our little group decided to take a detour into the world of the dead. As a break from our normal campaign, our fearless DM decided to have us all play a game called One Foot in the Grave, in which each of our characters was either dead, had been dead, and/or was somehow supernatural.

Griswold became Dr. Shack: A pervy doctor who died from being run over by an ice-cream truck, only to be brought back to life in his own hospital. Denya became Alice: An immortal woman who, I believe, had been around for hundreds of years and was starting to just get bored. Auerion became Heinreich: A Hessian soldier who was sent to Hell for his crimes against humanity. And I became Julia: A confused teenager who committed suicide, was sent to Hell for it, and was sent out as a Hunter by the Devil to track down escaped Hell-dwellers, including Heinreich.

A first look at Julia: Hastily sketched during the game.

It as a lot of fun. The storyline was completely differnet, and it was nice to play around with a different character and different voice (Literally, as Julia was from North Carolina and I got to role play with a twang, and Auerion got to role play with a German accent. Complete with Nein! jokes). Unfortunately, we only played that one time. But for some reason, Julia as a character stuck with me. She’s definitely different than Clover and Ari in a lot of ways. So maybe that was just interesting for me. (See What’s “Me” in Role Play? for more clarification)

Anyway, my love of her character prompted me to dress up as her for Halloween. Her outfit was actually pretty easy to pull off, since I always described it as “Hot Topic gone wrong”. It was also one of my cheaper cosplays, requiring only the purchase of a second-hand pair of black pants, a little sewing, and the purchase of a wig (which was AWFUL, but it was interesting to see me as a brunette).

Father Koln teaches Julia the finer points of gunmanship.

Since then, I seriously have lost the wig (which might be a blessing, since I had no love for it in the first place). And that’s what prompted me to get a new one recently, which I ordered off of eBay. It should be here JUST in the nick of time for ConnectiCon, where I hope to once again masquerade as Julia–gun and all–on Saturday night. I’m kind of keeping my fingers crossed that Heinreich might show up so we can duel to the death ^.^

Huzzah! New wig is on the way!

Also, I really do–one day in the near future–plan on getting that Hujoo Jake to make into a Julia doll. I think she’d make an interesting doll to costume. It’s not that I don’t want a Clover doll. But I think that Clover deserves to be resin, and I don’t have the funds at this point in my life. Besides, we all know how horribly Ari turned out as a doll. Do we really want to take the chance on a Clover? ^.^*

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