1) I finished Little Ari’s Lolita skirt today, completely! It’s a perfect miniature of my own skirt, which should be done within the next day or so. Now I just need to figure out what she’ll wear on her legs (it will depend on what I wear on mine). She won’t have shoes, though.

2) I got a bell in the mail for Nora’s shepherd’s staff. Now I just need to make the staff…

3) I worked on the waist band of my Lolita skirt tonight. It even has some secret corseting action going on šŸ˜‰ Hopefully, I’ll be able to attach that tomorrow so that I can finally call my Lolita skirt project DONE. Then, I just need to find a shirt, and figure out what I’m wearing on my legs.

4) After days of panicking, I finally found a cute wig for my Julia costume. The price is right, and with the shipping it would make it here JUST on time for ConnectiCon. Unfortunately, I decided to take a gamble and “Make Offer” on the eBay auction. With 48 hours to respond, I’m almost mad at myself that I didn’t just buy it right then and there, since it might mean REALLY cutting it close with shipping (I’d like to have it at least a day before ConnectiCon, and the latest it would arrive here at present is July 6).

5) AliceCollections contacted me and apparently Little Ari’s Saber wig and Gilan’s red wig are on their way! When will they get here? Who knows. Their tracking system is VERY vague. All I can hope is that they actually got my last minute request for the wig colors…

I need a life ^.^*

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One Response to Updates!

  1. Alice takes a while so be prepared. Also I think I just got white leggings for Sapphire with her new clothes which you are welcome to use (ill check when we get home and make sure they were not shinny).

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