Some Things are Amazing…

So, I found a wig for my Julia cosplay last night. It was an INSANELY good price on eBay, with free shipping, and would be here before ConnectiCon. It had the option to Buy it Now, or Make an Offer. So, I made an offer. Here’s the response I got back from the seller when they counter-offered:

hi,my friend, i am sorry it is the best price i can offer you ,you know as we are a new ebay store ,the price is very cheap for the quality item ,even we are losing money on some items ., but still thanks for your offer again.

They counter-offered for a few cents less than what the item was already going for. I bought it, naturally (since I’m running out of options anyway, and like I said the price was good to begin with). But still! I’m sorry your eBay store is losing money. If you don’t want to field offers, DON’T put “Make an Offer” as an option in the listing! Or, at least price the item so that it’s not a problem to haggle. I don’t know if they’re going to be a “new eBay store” very long, if they’re losing money like this already… *shakes head*

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2 Responses to Some Things are Amazing…

  1. hlf210324 says:

    I agree: just put buy now instead of offering to haggle. *rolls eyes*

  2. yah people are crazies

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