Costuming Little Ari

So, in addition to working on my own costumes as of late, I’ve also been working on Little Ari’s! By the time ConnectiCon comes around, she should have a total of four outfits which she will be wearing (despite all the warnings out there not to dress and redress your BJDs constantly).

Today, I got her boots in the mail for her Saber outfit. They’re HUGE. I mean, they’re huge in a cute way. But they do look rather ridiculous on her. They’ll work for the outfit, but I think that they’ll even be too big for boy toy when he comes. So the boots might not be sticking around very long.

In addition to that, I also worked on her Lolita outfit tonight. Basically, it’s made completely to scale and in the same style of mine. So even though I haven’t posted up pics of my own skirt, getting a look at what Little Ari is wearing here might give you something of an idea of what I’m working on. I’m not sure if I’ll bother making her bloomers or anything. White might look odd with her black stockings, though I really like the look of the black stockings with her pink skirt and white shirt. By  the way, that’s the white shirt I ordered for her which will be used for both her Saber and Lolita outfits.

Other featured outfits of the weekend will include her kimono (on SaturDAY) and her St. Patrick’s Day Goth outfit (as I masquerade as Julia Saturday night).

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2 Responses to Costuming Little Ari

  1. So cute, now she just needs shoes for her lolita and such outfits..which she probably will not get, Sapphire wont either. Uggs are all that girls got:-)

    • PaladinAri says:

      No I’m not going to bother with shoes. My costumes and such for ccon is leaving money a little tight for me so I’m probably gOing to be selling the owner and doll Lolita outfits after the convention is over

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