Oh My! Lolita Undergarments!?

With my Lolita skirt almost complete (minus the failed attempt at inserting a zipper, which I hope to rectify tomorrow), it’s time to start turning my attention towards the next pressing issue: What to wear under it.

Unlike most other forms of skirt dress, a proper Lolita will never leave the house without the proper undergarments. Calling for modesty and shape, the form of dress requires the proper amount of fabric between you and the world, the less amount of leg showing, the better, and the right amount of flounce to your petticoat to make your skirt poof. Lolitafashion.org says it a little better as they describe the required undergarments for a Lolita Outfit:

An oft-ignored but vital key to a proper lolita’s attire, bloomers and petticoats should top every new lolita’s shopping list. A proper petticoat is necessary to achieve that bell shape that is so essential to the lolita silhouette, while bloomers are necessary to retain a young lolita’s modesty. You may be asking yourself, “but why should I need such fancy underthings if nobody else is going to see them?” Because, my dears, you are wearing a skirt in the shape of a bell. You may recall that if a real bell swings upwards, much as a bell-shaped skirt may do when a lolita is moving around, the interior becomes quite visible. For a lolita with naught but her hot pink Hello Kitty panties underneath, this is unacceptable. Wearing a set of matching bloomers keeps one’s thighs–and all else–well protected from the casual eye.

So I went in search of bloomers. But bloomers are expensive. And hey, I have a sewing machine. So I was like, why not? So I went in search of a pattern. But patterns are hard to find. Which led me, all the way in the end, to a wonderful youtube tutorial which shows a simple way to draft your own pattern for these cute, poofy drawers. They don’t seem so difficult, so I will probably be making them soon. And then I will face my greatest nemesis: The petticoat.

Enjoy the tutorial!


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