Huge Tracts of…. FABRIC

So while I was in the mood last night, I continued work on my Lolita skirt. I had gone to the fabric store yesterday and bought a super stiff crinoline-like fabric in the place of the recommended tulle, and I also bought (what I thought to be) the right amount of lining fabric; a plain and simple white cotton.

Last night, I finally sewed the panels of the pink fabric together into a length and steam pressed everything nicely. Lying it out on the dining room table, however, I realized how massive this project was. The pink fabric overshot the table itself almost two feet in both directions! I think that makes the panel, at the moment, about 3.5 yards long in and of itself.

I didn’t end up having enough crinoline to line the whole thing, as I had only bought one yard of the super wide stuff. I ended up having to cut it in half and piece it back together lengthwise to at least line the top half of the skirt. Then, I washed and dried the lining fabric (which was 3 yards long), and undershot the pink fabric with no way of piecing the lining back together as I did the crinoline. I ended up scrapping the lining fabric altogether (not least because I also found a couple of holes in the middle, but also because it might have just been too heavy) and, at present, am going to attempt to line the fabric with a sheer, super light organza-like fabric, which will at least offer a way to seal in the crinoline, which is scratchy stuff.

In any case, this skirt is already becoming a problem just by virtue of the sheer amount of fabric involved (I’m only 5’4″ tall) and must walk around the house with the skirt doubled over and lifted over my head to keep from dragging. However, I think it’s going to be SUPER cute when I finish, and I can walk up to established Lolitas and ask them if they have skirt poof envy (while possibly not being able to sit down, lol).

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4 Responses to Huge Tracts of…. FABRIC

  1. Heather says:

    It sounds like so much work! But you’ll be able to say I made this myself!

  2. Oh you’ll be fine, when i made Sapphire’s skirt I was like “theis seems like way too much fabric”. But its the pleating that takes it all, and you’ll be sitting on your bloomers while the skirt goes everywhere else, that’s why Lolitas have stools:-)

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