An Outfit for “Gilan”?

Yeah, I’ve already named Little Ari’s incoming consort doll. So at least for now, Gilan is his name. ^.^

Just like preparing for a baby (when you know what the sex is), it seems that not a few doll owners on the web like to get ready for their new addition before it even gets there. I’ve seen many a picture of outfits, wigs, and even eyes just stacked to the side, ready to go. I think this is a wonderful idea, so that your doll doesn’t arrive to your house and go bald and naked for a week while you scramble together some sort of cover-up.

I’m no different around here. In preparation for Gilan’s arrival, I’ve already bought his wig. I also plan on making him a “men’s” kimono with a nice, masculine fabric I have. In addition, he wouldn’t go nude since he would be able to fit into Ari’s clothes–and she does have pants, leggings, and shirts which would at least cover him up, though they might be a bit feminine.

I’ve also had my eye on an actual outfit that I could purchase for him. It’s funny: Ari has an entire wardrobe of various outfits, but the only outfit pieces that I’ve actually purchased for her are her Dark and Defiant dress, her black leggings, and now her white shirt and boots (which I just bought yesterday, though I’m thinking the boots might be a half centimeter too large for her foot; oh well, they could always be inherited by her counterpart). I figure since Little Are DOES have one purchased outfit, it would only be fair to get Gilan one as well. And I love this one because it just seems so fitting for an elf. A modern elf, that is.

The outfit is by DollZone and comes basically with everything seen in the picture, except for the doll and the shoes. I LOVE that side-lacing tan shirt, and the scarf is such a cute touch. What’s nice is that Little Ari would also benefit from some of the pieces, as she could make use of things like the black tank top, the hat, the bag, and maybe even the belt and pants (I’m not sure of the shape difference between male and female dolls just yet). The outfit IS reasonably priced for so many accessories and clothing pieces, but at $44, I still need to hesitate and wonder if I should spend the money. Well, no one ever said that this was a cheap hobby. And he might appreciate having something in the way of pants to wear out of the box, rather than sticking him straight in a kimono… with no underwear (which even Little Ari doesn’t have now, since I donated her pair to Sapphire).

Thoughts? Isn’t it cute? ^.^*

PS, here are the pieces I bought for Little Ari yesterday. As I said, the boots might be too big for her, but they will at least be able to be shared. I’m also not crazy about the shirt for Saber’s outfit, but it will double nicely as a Lolita one. Good find, Denya!

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4 Responses to An Outfit for “Gilan”?

  1. Also love the outfit by the way and that’s cheap with all of those accessories included

    • paladinari says:

      Yeah! The shipping should be $10, I get it. But I had better order it soon if I want it to get here in time… *hesitates*
      Btw, how long did it take Sapphire’s outfit from Alice Collections to show up? Did they send you a shipping confirmation? I still haven’t heard back anything about whether they got my message about the wig colors. Hopefully no news means that they just got the message and acted on it?

  2. You did end up going with that shirt, are you going to try and de-lace it or leave it as it is?

    • paladinari says:

      I’ll leave the shirt as-is. I wouldn’t want to destroy it by accident! And the Saber outfit is “cosplay” anyway, so Little Ari can have some “found” pieces ^.^

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