Paladin Goes Lolita?

Today I began work on my Lolita cosplay for ConnectiCon. I need to call it “cosplay” since, though I adore Lolita fashion, I am not a “lifestyle” Lolita, nor will the outfit I plan on putting together be anything in the way of proper or authentic. Despite that, I do hope to be able to put together something convincing and respectable, and, with any luck, I hope to make Little Ari a matching outfit to wear along with mine.

I’m beginning by creating the necessary bell-shaped skirt which is so prevalent in the fashion. And if I can’t pull this off, there’s no point buying anything else for the outfit. So it’s important to get the skirt done first.

The inspiration for the skirt came from the Summer 2008 issue of the Gothic  & Lolita Bible from their pattern and how-to section. It was designed by Baby the Stars Shine Bright and should be pretty simple to create since it is essentially straight fabric pleated to get the desired shape.

However, I need to take some liberties even with that. The fabric that I’m using, as modeled by Little Ari below, is a vintage Dutch-inspired cotton. It’s lovely and the correct type of pattern, but I guess back when the fabric was made, the standard width of fabric was different than it is today: Ie, it was narrower.

Thus, though the actual pattern calls for two standard widths to be cut from fabric and sewn together, this vintage fabric actually wouldn’t be able to wrap around me in just two panels. So that’s where the modification of this pattern begins: It will be a 3-panel skirt pleated to wrap around my non-Japanese, wide-hipped frame. Luckily, Little Ari is a skinny little thing, so it should be much easier to sew a skirt for her ^.^

More to come!

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2 Responses to Paladin Goes Lolita?

  1. yay…and that picture looks scary!

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