A Hair-Raising Adventure

Good evening, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and it’s been rather busy around here, too. I think the last time I posted, I was more or less outlining the number of projects I planned on working on in time for this year’s ConnectiCon. Since then, I’ve been very busy on most of these projects; though most specifically on my Nora cosplay and Little Ari’s Saber cosplay.

Nora’s outfit is coming along nicely. I added a tie string into the skirt last night so that I can cinch it closed (though I might decide to add elastic before the convention to make it easier to wear). Denya and I also managed to find a brown vest this past weekend at the Goodwill store. After a bit of modification, it will fit me very nicely.

Mostly, I have just been working on Little Ari’s skirt for her Saber cosplay. The skirt itself is complete at this point, but she still needs a couple of accessories to complete the outfit: Namely, the boots (which I’ve already picked out but just haven’t purchased) and the shirt, which I can’t seem to find anywhere.

Tonight’s big adventure, though, was hair! If you’ll recall, many many months ago I set out to find Little Ari a new wig. I found it very difficult to find her size wig (6/7) in the style I wanted. In the end, I ended up with one that was too large and that I had to sew to make smaller. I also had to trim the bangs. It looks nice and works, but I think I wish it fit her better. Anyway, no problem. I just made a note to get her the right size the next time.

So this evening, I finally broke down and ordered her cosplay wig, which will also be a nice wig to have around just so she has something shorter to wear (as much as I love her ankle-length hair). I was able to find a wig which looks almost exactly like Saber’s, complete with a little blue bow. The price was affordable at $17, and the shipping was very good (which I’ll get to the reason for in a moment).

Secondly *drumroll please!* I recently found out that my good friends were nice enough to get together and purchase Little Ari’s boy toy consort for my birthday: The Bobobie/Resinsoul Song that I’ve had my eye on. I’m so excited! And I’m so thankful that I have such wonderful friends who would do something like that for me. Apparently I should have him in time for ConnectiCon (yay!), so I’ve also been throwing myself full swing into making preparations before he gets here.

I’ve had it in my mind for a while now what kind of “character” this friend for Little Ari would be. Though I’m not sure if he’ll actually end up being that way. When I got Little Ari, I named her that in the though that she would end up being very much like my paladin character from Dungeons and Dragons (the point of this blog, actually). Alas, she turned into a bit of a spoiled princess with a habit of telling me what to do and directing my sewing projects ;(

Anyway, Ari’s boy toy consort (I think that sounds classier, though it’s the same idea, lol), at present, is supposed to be modeled after Ari’s in-game “love interest” which never came to anything because she never even spoke to him and had taken strict vows against such things. Despite that very brief mentioning of him in maybe one or two Ask a Paladin posts and one Clip of Reverie, he really doesn’t exist for Ari. So that makes him a good model for a doll ^.^

I always imagined him with red hair (red as in scarlet, blood, wine, etc.), and rather longer hair, at that. Unfortunately, that color and style is very hard to find for a BJD (and even more difficult for the size, which is also a 6/7, like Little Ari). I’ve been humoring myself for months now, keeping an eye out for this wig just in case I did get the doll. But now with the possibility of him being only weeks away (omgI’msoexcited!), and with my dislike of bald dollies, it was very important for me to find something. Though since I only wanted to make the purchase ONCE, I wanted to get it right the first time.

So, I think I did. On the same site as where I got Little Ari’s Saber wig, I was also able to get a wig in scarlet which I think will do nicely for (tentatively named, but will probably stick) “Gilan”. Whereas I might have had to order a whole red wig and cut it down, this one I think I might just be able to gather back into a low ponytail and call it done (think Rurouni Kenshin styling). The wig is scarlet red, by the way, not like the yellow of the following picture.

Little Ari’s not sure what she thinks about sharing her room with another doll just yet. And a boy doll at that! The scandal! But I’m sure she’ll warm up to him. ^.^

Of course, the appearance of a Little Ari-sized doll on my desk is going to mean a hold on the ordering and creating of Julia (since I don’t think my parents could handle that much… um… “excitement” all at once). But that’s ok. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on a male doll! Um… I mean, clearly from a collector/sewer/crafter’s POV, of course. Nothing weird ^.^*

But yay! Thank you, friends! ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh! And PS. The red wig was $18. This brought my order total up to above $35, which qualifies for free shipping! I only hope that “free shipping” doesn’t mean “will-show-up-in-August”…


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4 Responses to A Hair-Raising Adventure

  1. hlf210324 says:

    So glad they finally let you know that they were getting you the boy BJD! I’m excited to see the new doll and wig. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yah free shipping like that is always fun. But I’m glad you found a suitable wig, we were trying real hard to fine one Monday night. So next you must post and what his first outfit will be:-)

    • paladinari says:

      Oh, I think he’s going to be my armor doll, lol. As in, he will be totally decked out in leather and metal. ^.^

      I just really hope that Alice Collections got the color request for the order. I literally sent it to them two or three minutes after I hit “confirm” on the order. There were so many wig colors to choose from, I doubt that they’d get it right on a guess, lol.

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