Next on the List?

So as most of you know, I’ve been greatly desiring a Bobobie Song “boy toy” for my Little Ari. Granted if he were to show up here today, he’d show up on my doorstep nude and without a wig, so I’m not sure what my parents would think.

Anyway, another doll that I’ve been greatly desiring lately–which is strange since I don’t have that much of a connection to this character–is one to make into Julia, my One Foot in the Grave role play character. I know it’s strange that I would want her before a Clover doll. Or that I would want her at all. But I think that she’d be really cute to make and would love for her to sit next to Little Ari staring at me blankly.

I’ve been looking at the Hujoo company for inspiration for her doll. They specialize in plastic/vinyl dolls which are cheaper and more resilient than resin ones. They are typified as having 24cm bodies (so the size of a small Obitsu) and rather large heads with huge, kitten-sized eyes (to give you some idea, the Hujoo heads and eyes are larger than Little Ari’s… on a smaller body). They are ADORABLE. But Griswold and Auerion were a little put off by her alien-like appearance.

Enter Hujoo’s newest creation, released just the other day: the Hujoo Jake. It’s actually a male body. However, the head is more proportional than the typical Hujoos, making “him” look less… like a kitten, I suppose. And using a “male” doll for Julia would still work, since she’s more proportioned like a little girl anyway. I’d have to do the faceup myself, but I think that the Jake doll would be a wonderful (and affordable) option for finally being able to bring her to life. I even have the wig all picked out ^.^

I’d love to have this doll created and ready to go by ConnectiCon, but… Funds are a little low right now. I might still go for it, however. I think it’d be a lot of fun.

Example of face up on the Jake doll

The wig I would like to get

Hujoo Jake: A fully strung and double-jointed vynil BJD

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2 Responses to Next on the List?

  1. paladinari says:

    Hehe, I thought so. I’d make her a little outfit very similar to what Little Ari is wearing right now (but without the shamrocks, so more like what I wore for Halloween). I’m really… really tempted to just buy her… “him”…

  2. Aww she’d be so cute:-)

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