Save the Project!

Good evening, everyone. Tonight, we face a very dire situation of critical importance… Well, ok. It’s not “life-threatening”. But it is of critical importance to my self-esteem, which probably doesn’t matter to a lot of people who stumble across my ramblings here. And yet, I feel that it must be said.

The Paladin Project is dying.

I won’t be vain and say that I truly believe I have a TON of followers who look to this blog as their lifeblood. That would just be rude. Hey, I’m just amazed that my own friends have even stuck with this blog this long. If they happen to venture to it once a week at most, I’m happy ^.^

But still, it seems rather disconcerting that I’ve fallen from a solid 250+ hits per day to less than 30 at this point. Seriously. I mean, I know I haven’t been posting up very much lately. Mostly, that’s because I’m spreading myself a bit thin over here. But still, I do enjoy posting and am happy with what I can share when I get a chance.

But still, the less hits I get, I certainly feel less and less motivated to even keep up with this. The Paladin Project had a good run this past year. I love celebrating little milestones and anniversaries. I love giving away free stuff and getting actual comments from real people; not robots looking for me to click on their pathetic website.

Anyway, I apologize to anyone who really does keep up with the Paladin Project. I know I don’t write as prolifically as I used to on here, but I do appreciate everyone who’s stuck with me this long, and who will, hopefully, stick with me in the Project’s last dying days as my hit count inevitably reaches down towards 0.

I’d love to blame Google for changing their algorithm or something, but mostly I just blame myself for failing to entertain. Anyway, it’s been a good run. I hope you’ll all stick it out with me til the end.


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2 Responses to Save the Project!

  1. hlf210324 says:

    I keep checking! I read everything, just sometimes don’t post any comments because I feel like I start repeating myself again and again about how awesome your stuff is and how excited I am to see the new things. lol

  2. Well of late you have been posting less and less “how to’s” which seemed very popular with the dolls and the armor and such, that may be why it has gone down. And as you mentioned earlier this weekend, a new header is needed and I agree to liven things up. I would also recommend taking all of your good “how to’s” and such and giving them there own spot so people can get to them easily from your home page as I myself have gone looking for them from time to time and find it very difficult.

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