Poetry From my Past

Travel Song
Iambic Tetrameter

And now begins my journey to
A passage into country fair
A land a way from eastern sea
To meet the Men that wander there

My bag is light my horse is set
To wander out to see the land
To heed the cry of honest blood
And justice deal with lawful hand

Fly on! Fly on! my precious steed
For many leagues we have to go
What will befall there once I come?
The answer yet I cannot know

The Moon at night is waxing round
Selene comes forth from shadowed den
And then begins to cloister in
Until the skies turn dark again

And soon at last the Men I see
And forth from fields they leave their crops
To gaze upon the Elven maid
Who tarries not and never stops

An Elf! An Elf! Please rest for now
And tell us of your journey here
Why have you come? What is your name?
Where go you, lady, far or near?

I cannot stop, I tell them true
I have a calling! I must speed!
Beyond the mountains I must go
Towards the land with Men in need

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2 Responses to Poetry From my Past

  1. That’s beautiful, The DM might want to have that in his book:-)

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