Mission Accomplished

Hooray! Yet another “weekend project” complete! Single-handedly, I was able to modify Avoree’s lovely scale mail shirt to fit myself nicely. Though it took me HOURS (no joke) to pick some of the old shirt apart and knit it back together, I was finally able to modify it and insert four sets of over-sized hook-and-eye closures. For the record, thick aluminum jump rings HURT to bend ;(. I’m pretty certain I wasn’t using the right tools to do this, lol

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3 Responses to Mission Accomplished

  1. Avoree says:

    Also, btw the top most strap you have across the back of your neck is supposed to go in front.

  2. Avoree says:

    Glad you like the shirt. Whenever you get the chance we need to make even on the mats and what have you.

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