ConnectiCon Preview

Good morning everyone! At this point, it is now less than two months’ time to go until Connecticon 2011 (which will take place in Hartford July 8-10 this year). So, that means it’s about time to figure out cosplay costumes and such for this year. I know you’ve all been excited to get started (or maybe you’ve already started). So have I!

Last year was fun and successful as I switched off between three costumes: A Chobit, my Paladin armor (which, at the time, was still Ari 1.0), and my Saber cospay, both with and without armor. Costumes definitely make the convention more fun, and having more than one costume is nice so that you have something to switch off to. Personally, I don’t think that I’d ever go to ConnectiCon with less than two costumes (or outfits). If you’re at the convention for the long haul, it’s inevitable that you’ll get tired of one or need to change out of it for some other reason. So it’s good to go prepared.

So, what is PaladinAri working on for this convention season? Well, with Senpai Magazine finally having a table, and factoring in travel and such, it’s essential to plan for each scenario. And as fun as my Saber costume and armor is, it’s just not conducive to getting up early and getting out the door on time to be in the Artist’s Colony at 8AM (which I offered to do). So, here’s my current list of planned cosplays. Luckily, most of the hard work is done (two outfits are COMPLETE). I have four planned cosplay outfits for this year. So, let’s get the ball rolling!

Saber (to be worn with or without armor, depending on circumstances). You’ve seen it before. Nothing’s changed. This outfit consists of the white underdress, blue overdress, boots, and armor. About the only thing I’d like to do to get this cosplay up and ready again is to touch up the paint on Excalibur. Otherwise, it’s ready to go. I hope to enter Cosplay Chess with this outfit again this year.

Julia. This was my Halloween costume this past year, and I think it was my most successful low-budget cosplay. It was a really neat costume, and it was relatively quick to get into and comfortable to wear. It consists of high-heeled boots, a pair of modified pants (bought cheap at a thrift store), corset (which I will need to borrow from Denya again), plaid skirt, arm-warmers, and a wig. About the only thing I need to do for this is either find the wig I used or buy a new one. Otherwise, I think that this would make a nice, easy, nighttime cosplay.

Ok, now we get into the cosplays I still need to work on.

Lolita. A few months ago, I had Little Ari model with some vintage fabric which I planned to turn into a Lolita skirt. I still haven’t done that, but it doesn’t mean it CAN’T be done in time for ConnectiCon. I hope to make the skirt, and then I’ll buy a shirt and find a few other things to make a cute, convincing Lolita cosplay; which I hope to wear on Friday to the convention (which will be quick and easy to travel up there with on Friday morning).

Nora Arendt. This goes back to my Spice and Wolf fix. And as much fun as it would be to cosplay Holo, I think that my hair and the costume pieces required would make cosplaying as Nora a quicker and easier thing to do. I hope to make this a “thrift store find” project, combining things I can get there with things I already have (or can make really quickly). I need to find a vest and shirt at the thrift store, and then I plan on making a very simple, home-spun looking skirt. I already have the sandals, and I have a few cute accessories (like my pewter stein, and an overstuffed sheep) to make the costume work. I’m just not sure what I’ll do about a shepherd’s staff and bell… but hopefully I can pull this off cheaply. Again, this is a simple, quick costume which would be good to wear in the off-hours; like during early morning Artist Colony sessions.

Other than that:

I also hope to get Little Ari’s “costumes” in order as well (looks disparagingly into wallet, and then at calendar). Of course, my own cosplays and Denyas come first. But I do hope to create a Saber school girl cosplay for Little Ari. And, if there’s time, maybe even a matching Lolita outfit using fabric from the skirt I’ll be making.

Will I actually have time to do all this? Stay tuned for updates and the thrilling conclusion!

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5 Responses to ConnectiCon Preview

  1. Ooo including a free ruffled blouse pattern near the bottom:-)

  2. Oh here is Caro Chan’s numerous tutorials her blog is actually extremely helpful and informative:

  3. You Go Girl! I will look for that black corset, I know I have it somewhere (lately my corsets seem to get tossed places in my room after being worn..and you’ve seen my room…). And yay for lolita cuteness Sounds like you’ll be going for a sweet lolita look. The DM’s Hot Topic right now has cute little white lightly ruffled socks on clearance if you would like a pair for it (like a dollar after his discount). I can give you some tips on shirts and accessories as well if you’d like:-)

    • paladinari says:

      What are you doing wearing corsets in the bedroom, silly Denya?

    • paladinari says:

      You know, I was thinking it might be cute to have “theme days” for our girls at the convention. Like maybe one day could be a cosplay day, one day could be a Gothic/Lolita day, and maybe one day could be a kimono or school girl day. I bet that Sapphire/Liddell would make a really cute Chobit, and I DO have the right size “ears” for them (they can’t fit Little Ari because of her Elfishness… -.-)

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