Caption Contest!

Uh oh! It looks like someone’s in trouble here! But what’s going on?

This is a caption contest! Make up a dialogue or a little story. Either will work. Each reader gets ONE submission, so make it good! The contest will be in effect for… oh, say, a couple of weeks (basically until all four or five of my regular readers responds, lol). Best caption gets a prize! What’s the prize? *shrug* I have yet to determine this. I just came up with the contest tonight ^.^* But you know it won’t be terrible! Have fun!

PS- What’s REALLY going on here? I re-glued the eyelashes on Little Ari’s head. I’m letting them dry PROPERLY this time, and decided to have some fun while I waited 😀

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3 Responses to Caption Contest!

  1. Avoree says:

    “Alas, poor yorik. I knew him well.”

  2. “Soon my creation will be complete. Very soon. And than…more…more will be born. They will dwell in every home, in every city, and than…than…”

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