I Can Haz Squire?

I just spent about 25 minutes getting into just the TOP half of my paladin armor (by myself, which is why it took so long). This meant no pants, boots, cuisses, elf ears, sword, sword belt, or guantlets. And yeah: There’s NO way I’m going to be able to modify the scale mail shirt to fit me on my own (if Avoree is reading this, I love the shirt! But it’s too big, and the magnets won’t stay linked. I plan on taking a section of the shirt out and adding oversized hook and eye closures… hopefully).

So… yeah. I need a squire for this weekend. Who’s it!? Any takers!? ^.^*

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5 Responses to I Can Haz Squire?

  1. But you know if you come over here… I could come over Saturday or you could come to our place Saturday and I could definitely help…. I’d even pick you up from Ferry if need be:-)

    • paladinari says:

      I was kind of hoping you could come here, since I was just in CT last weekend and will be there again next weekend, lol. Oh well, not a problem. I’ll just have to figure this one out on my own. Worse comes to worse, maybe I can leave it til next Friday and Saturday and hope that the modification won’t take too long.

      • Well I can definitely come over Friday night to help with that and Saturday you are welcome to come over early before D&D and we can work on it than too:-) You and Griswold can always take separate cars if he is being lazy.

      • paladinari says:

        He’s always lazy! lol

        And I was hoping that you could come over Friday night to help out with the OTHER project we need to start working on soon *wink* (and by other project, I mean that thing I can’t post up on my blog but you should entirely know what I mean since we talked about it the other night) ^.^*

  2. hehehe I would but we might be adopting a kitty Saturday and we have houses and ren faire workshop Sunday.

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