The Entity That Lives in my Room

Of course I’m referring to Little Ari, lol. And as Auerion will tell you, she’s a very demanding little thing. Very unlike her namesake! She’s sweet, but a bit spoiled ^.^*

So one can imagine how annoyed she was at me last night when I decided to perform some “maintenance” on her. But it’s been a long time coming, and thus very necessary. First of all, she spends a lot of time in black leggings. This, unfortunately, leaves a black residue on her legs. Luckily, this doesn’t stain and is easily removable. So every so often (despite her protest), I need to take a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and get rid of the marks. You don’t need to “sand” your doll with this (which you shouldn’t, since the Eraser does have a slight abrasive in it to help it clean things), but just lightly buffing the resin really seems to do the job of cleaning them up. But she’s always very upset when I pull her legs out of her sockets to do this…

The other maintenance I performed (which I’ve kept saying for a while that I needed to do) was tightening her stringing. Apparently, the Bobobie/Resinsoul brand is notoriously awful at stringing their dolls. Her elastic has been loose since I got her, and it’s just gotten to the point that she’s too flimsy to do much except for sit (even though her feet are wonderfully flat and she’s very well-designed for standing on her own).

Little Ari is strung using three lengths of elastic–one which feeds down through each leg to a foot, and one which strings the two arms together (‘m assuming, since I can’t actually see the knot used to tie this one). I’m terrified of her coming unstrung, since I’m not sure if I could really put her back together again. I mean, I’m sure I could figure out the theory of it, but the less guess work I have to do, the better ^.^ Because of that, I use a clamp to keep the elastic from slipping down through her neck while I’m working on her. It’s always semi funny, semi unsettling to see her without her head on.

Anyway, by clamping her body firmly between my knees, it’s easy to pull her head up and clamp off the elastic near the neck opening. Then, it’s safe to remove the S ring which holds the elastic up in the head and then remove the head. Since I wasn’t sure how to restring the arms (or if I’d want to), I left them. However, I was able to knot the elastic for the legs tighter than they were before. Some handy pliers helped me to get everything all hooked back up again in her head, and I was even daring and cut the elastic a little to clean up the ragged ends.

Now she’s very “snappy”, which is ok because it means that she poses better and can stand a bit more soundly. It’s hard to believe that it’s taken me since November to get up the courage to do this πŸ˜€

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One Response to The Entity That Lives in my Room

  1. cde says:

    Thought you might be interested in seeing this:

    A small working mockup of a spaulder I am making for myself. Aluminum Flashing and Leather, natch. Your blog gave me a bit of inspiration while I was doing some research on it. Very small, 3.5″x2″, doll sized πŸ˜›

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