Heart of the Paladin: Take 2

Last year, after a particularly controversial DnD game, I made a post trying to defend the action Ari took in the game. In a nutshell, rather than see fifty prisoners (many of whom were children!) die by being crushed, she chose to torture the jail guard to get him to stop the ceiling from collapsing. For the record, this didn’t end up working, in the end. However, the logic was in the right place at that time that it would help. And since her party members smacking him around didn’t work, she thought that some holy hell would be a good way to go.

Well needless to say, owing to the fact that Ari is, indeed, a paladin, this began a whole controversy among the group as to whether or not this had been the right thing to do. It ended with our DM saying that Selene (Ari’s in-game Goddess) would have to “have words” with Ari at a later date. Of course this flustered me (and by extension, her) since she was acting to the best of her ability in dire circumstances. Thus, my August “Heart of the Paladin” post.

Anyway, since that post (since the word “paladin” is in the title and, well, people love their World of Warcraft), this blog has seen a lot more traffic. I sure that most people take one look at that and click right back to Google. But then, some guys have actually been nice enough to comment on it! Normally when I get a comment on this blog, it’s Denya or Auerion (which is fine). Or, it’s usually spam (I’ve had almost 300 spam messages I’ve had to delete since last year). But it means a lot to me when people actually take the time to post legitimate comments. And it means a lot to me when I don’t actually know them first! ^.^*

I’ve had three comments, and they’ve all been advice. Granted, the game has progressed substantially since the incident which warranted that post, so any advice I’ve been given has been appreciated, but a bit late in coming. Some things said have been in the negative. But then, some things have also been positive, and I really like when people say, “Yeah, that’s how a paladin should act.”

Anyway, I woke up this morning and found that I had yet another legitimate comment to that original post. It was about a guy who played a bard and some of the issues he has with his own group, and I thought that it was kind of a neat thing I’d like to pass along to my readers, since it seemed to remind me so much of Ari’s situation (and it kind of reminded me of Auerion’s as well, lol). I also liked the last point that he made. Ari’s not perfect. But that reminds her (and all of us) that she’s mortal. That’s why a party specializes in so many different ways. Together, we all make up a complete person. Sort of ^.^*

So, without further adieu, Taracom Proudsong’s comment!

Yeah I have some of the same problems when I play my bard. My group thinks just because I am a bard that I should lead the group, but I never imagined him as a group leader. I instead imagined him as a playful fellow (Also I’m an art and music major.=P)
Some of my party member insist that I play him wrong and I should be more straight forward while playing my bard, but I didn’t create his persona to be a diplomat. Rather then charming people with my 20 charisma, I direct the conversations I’m a part of and manipulate from the back round.

To put it bluntly: I’m playing a soloist character in a group setting, and yet my group wants me to be a team player 100% of the time even though its not part of my bard personality. He only seeks information that either concerns or interests him (Which is 85% of the time anyways.)

Anyways I feel your pain with your paladin. It’s just a flaw, if you will, that your group will have to live with. I mean that’s what a party is for right? To cover your weaknesses and make the overall adventure more successful.

Hope it helps on insight
-Taracom Proudsong

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One Response to Heart of the Paladin: Take 2

  1. Ryan M. says:

    You know reversely this made my day. Oh and thanks for the blog. I’ve been making a paladin as of late and was looking for insight when I posted originally. Anyways I thank you for the quick reply and I’m really glad I decided to post.

    -Taracom Proudsong

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