Oohlala! Fabric and Underwear!

Do I have your attention yet? Yeah, I thought so. ^.^

So, not much has been going on lately. I attended I-Con this past weekend with friends, and I wore a small part of my full armor set. I still have some thinking to do about what I’m going to do with the war belt though. It didn’t work well with the sword belt, to say the least.

Anyway, just a couple of updates. First of all, over the weekend Denya was nice enough to give me my birthday present: A big box filled with fabric and trim goodies. She won it as a lot on eBay, and I’m happy to say that, after sorting through it and making everything all neat and tidy, there are some fun things in there which will lend themselves nicely to projects and doll clothes in the future. (see below)

Also, I’m happy to announce that Little Ari now has underwear! She’s mad at me as they’re not very “elvish” in nature (I ask her what that means, and she just gives me this blank stare. It’s kind of odd). I just wanted her to be wearing something so that I can measure her and make clothes for her and not have to keep redressing her every few seconds in case my family walks in (they’re not too happy with the “nude doll” concept). It’s just a very simple tube top and panty set made from white stretch satin and finished with a zig-zag stitch, but it works. I think the panties just need to be made a little bigger next time, as you’ll see… (the tube top was hard to get on, too, and I need to remember that her chest is resin and doesn’t actually have to be “held”) (again, see below)

More updates to come!

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