Dress Rehearsal 2

So before showering today, I remembered to do a quick hair dress rehearsal for tomorrow. When your hair is long, this is generally a good idea so that you’re not stuck in the morning figuring out what you’re going to do with it. Also, if you ever wear a wig, it is good to have a general plan of what you will be doing with your long hair, too.

Oh, and I also included my elf ears in this dress rehearsal (which are in DESPERATE need of replacement! I don’t think I can get all that spirit gum off >.<*)

Since my outfit clearly didn’t turn out “paladin-like” (see Dress Rehearsal below), I figured I might as well go a little bit differently with hair, keeping with that warrior-rogue-ranger look I was talking about. What I ended up with kind of reminds me of a cross between a Zelda-like figure and a Blood Elf. And, if I decide to top it off with my elven circlet (which looks REALLY pretty with the hairstyle I’ve chosen) it makes me look like a… warrior-rogue-ranger-princess-like thing… Whether or not that’s good? Still deciding. Should be interesting!

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